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The challenge


increase in conversion rate


reduction in cost-per-lead

In the highly competitive world of office space, being able to drive enquiries cost-efficiently and at scale is vital to success. For office space broker Easy Offices, the primary goal of their paid search activity is to drive enquiry form submissions at a location level - be that for a specific centre, or at a city level. London has always been a competitive location for office space, driving up costs and lowering conversion rates.

To combat this, Croud’s Analytics team carried out an in-depth review of Easy Office’s landing pages, with a view to improving the user experience, and ultimately boosting the number of enquiries whilst reducing paid media cost.

The strategy

Firstly, the team carried out a comprehensive UX review, which, among other things, evaluated the page’s heuristics versus that of websites with similar customer journeys and desired outcomes. Such websites included Expedia and Airbnb, both of which encourage users to submit city-specific searches, on similarly structured listing pages.

Off the back of our review, we set about re-designing the landing page, creating a new dedicated PPC landing page for London, to make the customer journey as straightforward and intuitive as possible. This included moving the enquiry form right above the fold.

Using Google Ads drafts and experiments, we then split tested this page against the original page for PPC traffic, sending 50% to the usual landing page, and 50% to our new test landing page.

The results

The PPC landing page test for London was an overwhelming success, performing significantly better in conversion rate than the standard landing page for this PPC traffic, across all device types. As a result, this approach is now being rolled out in full for London, as well as across more UK cities, with international testing next on the roadmap.

  • 252% increase in conversion rate

  • 71% reduction in cost-per-lead


“Croud’s proactive approach to testing and drive to continually improve our digital presence and performance really paid off in this landing page test. We’re looking forward to rolling out the improvements globally and seeing the results.”

Andy De Wet Steyn

Commercial Director, Easy Offices