Building a brand-new marketing tech stack and ad campaigns for Tote’s relaunch

Services: In-house solutions 

Markets: UK

The challenge

Tote, the UK horse racing pool betting operator, approached Croud with a re-launch project after having recently been acquired. They were looking to build a new site and a new app, as well as a brand-new marketing tech stack that would sit on top of their existing back-end infrastructure – and thanks to Croud’s expertise, they were able to do just that.

The Croud difference

The Serpico by Croud team, our in-house marketing specialists, worked closely with Tote’s team to evaluate and advise on the appropriate technology stack for their needs, bearing in mind the gambling restrictions on Google products. This included marketing analysis and analytics, online and offline attribution, and integrations with the relevant advertising platforms. The process was collaborative throughout, with Tote retaining contractual ownership of all platforms, in line with their longer term in-housing ambitions.

The results

With the marketing stack selected and in place, Croud’s in-house solutions experts worked with Tote’s digital team on launching ad platforms and managing campaigns for an additional three months, before handing it over to the in-house team.

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