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The challenge

With marketing activity kicking off in November ahead of Black Friday, TheStreet was facing one of their historically busiest sales periods. Time was of the essence, and initial set-up was fundamental to ensure the success of the campaign in both the short and long term.

Croud was tasked with driving a high volume of monthly subscribers and achieving a lower average cost-per-acquisition (CPA) for two of TheStreet’s best known investing products – Action Alerts PLUS and Real Money.

The Croud difference

With Black Friday quickly approaching, Croud created a robust remarketing recency strategy, with the ability to control the CPM and frequency based on how recently the user was on site, allowing the team to maximise CPA efficiency and minimise spend wastage. With the help of our Croudies, or global network of digital experts, we were able to ensure the cleanest path to purchase across all of our programmatic campaigns.

In just six months, the team was able to launch prospecting activity, support 10 major sales and deliver quicker turnaround times for campaign setup, creative trafficking, and campaign optimisation. With new user-acquisition channels and rapidly increased engagement with the display banners, the team had the opportunity to incorporate new testing, and use the learnings from each individual strategy to further curate our next steps.

The results

Thanks to a continued focus on increasing the efficiency of all campaigns, across both prospecting and remarketing, the campaign has been a resounding success.

During our first full month of activity, the team already reduced the average CPA by 31% below the target, and continued to further lower it through daily optimisations, changes and budget adjustments, to 54% better than the original target. Additionally, Croud and TheStreet saw triple the volume of monthly subscribers in just a few months of working together.

the volume of monthly subscribers


better than target average CPA in first month


better than target average CPA by end of campaign

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