Analysing overlapping programmatic campaigns using Ads Data Hub to understand the impact on conversion rate and other key metrics

Services: Programmatic

Markets: UK

The challenge

Paysafe wanted to understand the impact of any potential overlap in their programmatic advertising campaigns for two of their brands, Neteller and SkrillWith both brands offering the same product, available in the same markets for the same target audience, there was reason to believe that there was some competition when bidding for these users and promoting the brand programmatically. 

Paysafe and Croud wanted to understand not only the volume of overlap between the two brands, but also whether this impact was negative or positive for the brands, as well as how this impacted various factors.

The Croud difference

Due to the reporting limitations that exist across multiple advertisers within our out-of-the-box DSP solutions, we elected to leverage the capabilities of Ads Data Hub (ADH) to analyse these two audience sets.

  • Using ADH, we created a combined audience set of users that appeared in our Neteller and Skrill campaigns.
  • We then used BigQuery to query users that had been exposed to ads from either one, or both, of the two advertisers, and compared the conversion rates under these two conditions.
  • We then replicated this experiment across a number of different market and campaign combinations.

The results

The ADH brand overlap study showed that users who converted on either brand after seeing a programmatic ad had a 350% stronger conversion rate than users who were exposed to only one brand advert. For prospecting users, there was a 200% increase in conversion rate for users who were exposed to both brand adverts, as opposed to one.

The ADH data also showed us that the improved conversion rate from being exposed to both brands was true across markets as well as the types of audiences being targeted across casino and forex.


stronger conversion rate when exposed to both brands


increase in conversion rate for prospecting audiences exposed to both brands

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