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Getting people thinking, talking and planning for end of life through Google Ad Grants

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The challenge

Marie Curie, the UK charity, provides expert hands-on care, emotional support, research and guidance for anyone affected by terminal illness and helps everyone plan and talk about the end of life.

In late 2019, Marie Curie launched its biggest ever campaign, playing on the euphemisms people use to avoid using the word death, such as ‘kick the bucket’, to get people thinking and talking about end of life care. With the tagline ‘Whatever you call it, we should all talk about it’, the ambitious campaign centred around a nationwide TV advert, which was supported by conversation cards, checklists, advice and more.

The challenge to the Croud team was to amplify the campaign through smart use of Google Ads Grants, including an additional grant of $25,000 for the festive season, in order to get the campaign in front of as many people as possible.

The Croud difference

Having already made far-reaching improvements to Marie Curie’s Google Ads Grant account – including campaign setting amendments, a full account restructure, and regular search query reports to ensure optimum performance – the Croud team’s focus turned to making the most of the additional grant, in order to drive awareness and reach for the new brand campaign.

This involved:

  • Supporting a major new marketing campaign encouraging people to start talking openly about all aspects of death and dying, ensuring that they have the confidence and knowledge of where to go for support at the most difficult times in their lives
  • Ensuring the daily allowance from the additional grant was allocated as effectively as possible, focusing on activity with the most relevant messaging and best performance
  • Leveraging automated bidding strategies to drive further efficiency in Marie Curie’s ad spend
  • Implementing a new conversion attribution strategy, moving away from the traditional last-click attribution, to allow us to demonstrate the true value of our Google Ads Grant activity.

The results

Using the additional Google Ads grant allowed Marie Curie to get their new brand campaign in front of more people, contributing towards a 40% year-on-year uplift in overall visitors to their website. As a result of the campaign, Marie Curie saw extended reach and improved impression share.

  • Across the Google Ads Grant account support-focused campaigns, we saw a 661% year-on-year increase in impressions
  • This was accompanied by a 847% uplift in clicks
  • Whilst not the primary objective of the campaign, we also saw an uplift in conversions where additional budget had been driven.


more website visitors


uplift in impressions


increase in clicks

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