Driving email subscriptions with an interactive quiz

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The challenge

HomeCo. is Australia’s largest chain of large format retail shopping centres, specialising in homemaking and daily needs. With Google announcing their cookie cull, HomeCo. needed to react quickly and invest in a strategy to build out their pool of consumers and in turn, their first-party data.

HomeCo. had already been working with Croud’s content, SEO and paid social team for over two years, but in order to grow HomeCo.’s email database, we needed to build a high engagement content campaign that aligned with the brand’s strategy. Of the many ideas the team put together, there was one in particular that stood out to Croud and HomeCo.

The Croud difference

In order for this campaign to be successful, and more importantly, drive email subscriptions, Croud needed to create a way for consumers to interact with HomeCo. Croud’s solution was an interactive ‘Home Styling Quiz’ where potential shoppers could answer eight questions to determine their home decor style. The incentive? Subscribe to HomeCo.’s mailing list to receive your result and become eligible to win one of 10 $250 gift cards to spend at your local centre. 

Leveraging Croud’s global network of 2,500+ specialists, or “Croudies”, the team then sourced the right copywriters, designers and developers to help create the quiz, alongside building the landing page where it was hosted. We also created two GIFs to promote the quiz and competition across Facebook and Instagram, as well as six home style blogs to compliment each of the participant’s quiz results.

The results

The campaign was a huge success, driving impressive results including 1,300 landing page views and 781 email addresses collected. The quiz itself saw a conversion rate of 89.9%, and ultimately helped the client build out its first-party data.

landing page views


conversion rate for the quiz

email addresses collected

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