Conducted a comprehensive analysis on the impact of a TV campaign

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The challenge

Drafty, a UK-based company specialising in alternative loans, overdrafts and credit cards, launched TV campaigns over a three month period. However, with limited insights on campaign results, they were unable to understand the full impact of these ads. 

Drafty therefore reached out to Croud, based on their expertise in data and attribution, to measure and analyse website visits as well as brand uplift following the launch of the campaign.

The Croud difference

Using a Bayesian time-series model, Croud’s Analytics team built out an estimate of what session volumes would have looked like if Drafty had not run any TV advertising. They then compared these findings with observed Google Analytics session data. 

Comparing the differences between the estimate and reality, Croud and Drafty were able to determine an educated guess of the impact the TV campaigns had on website sessions and brand searches.

The results

extra sessions generated through Search, Direct and Organic traffic

approvals through brand search

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