Butcher and the Farmer


Optimising Google My Business to drive a 393% improvement in visibility

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Markets: UK

The challenge

With an established name in Australia, Seagrass decided to expand overseas and launch a new branch of their popular Australian restaurant, Butcher and the Farmer, in the heart of London at the O2 Arena*.

With the O2 having the potential to achieve a footfall of over 9 million people over the course of a year, and many restaurants in this location vying for consumers’ attention, the competition is fierce. Without a big reputation yet in the UK, Butcher and the Farmer needed to start appearing on searches around the O2 and, more importantly, on Google Maps.

*Unfortunately this venue is now permanently closed.

The Croud difference

Croud recognised the huge importance of Butcher and the Farmer’s presence on Google Maps when users search for ‘places to eat at the O2’ or ‘restaurants at the O2’, and therefore made the optimisation of their Google My Business (GMB) profile a priority.

We optimised the GMB profile by adding location-focused keyword descriptions, imagery of outside and inside the restaurant, as well as a variety of their vibrant and beautiful dishes, and the entire Butcher and the Farmer menu, food and beverages.

The most effective strategy, however, was posting blogs, articles and relevant landing pages on the GMB platform. We posted the following blogs to optimise the listing for non-branded keywords and target more long-tail search queries:

The results

After posting on GMB for the first time, we immediately saw a huge spike in views, particularly on Google Maps. One day prior to posting on GMB for the first time, we found 97 listings on Search and 143 listings on Maps. However, just two days after posting, we found 115 listings on search and 1,067 listings on Maps.

Posting on GMB ensured that Google was aware we were active on the listing, and allowed the listing to appear for 393% more searches than it was previously.

We continued to post on a weekly basis and were able to maintain and then grow the amount of traffic coming to the site through GMB, ultimately drive brand awareness and bookings for Butcher and the Farmer.


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