Driving sales with Discovery ads and Google Merchant Center Product Feed

Services: Paid search

Markets: US

The challenge

Burrow is a direct-to-consumer (DTC) furniture company that focuses on visually rich channels to reach its revenue and new customer acquisition goals. While they’ve historically used video action campaigns (VAC) and Discovery ads to accomplish their goals, the company was also looking for new ways to gain incremental sales and interest leading up to the holiday season.

The Croud difference

To help Burrow reach their business goals, Croud’s PPC team worked closely with the brand to launch Discovery ads with Google Merchant Center (GMC), in order to pair its social creative with a product feed and drive action. They applied YouTube strategies (e.g. custom intent, in-market, and affinity audiences), engaged with site visitors and improved campaigns weekly, which helped them prospect new customers and remarket to returning customers.

The results

By coupling their creative and product feeds with audience targeting, Croud and Burrow were able to achieve a 25% lower CPA and a 45% higher CTR compared to their benchmark. Moving forward, Discovery ads paired with the GMC extension will be part of Burrow’s always-on media strategy.


lower CPA compared to without GMC


higher CTR compared to benchmark

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