Linking data, creative and media in a dynamic remarketing strategy that drives results

Services: Creative, Programmatic, Analytics

Markets: UK

The challenge

Avon offers a huge range of beauty, fashion and homeware products both online and through Avon Reps. A key objective for Avon and the Croud team is to ensure its online customers receive the same personalised, immersive experience online as they do through Reps.

Croud’s programmatic and creative specialists worked closely with Avon’s UK digital team to devise and deliver a dynamic product remarketing strategy, which would use precise targeting and eye-catching creatives to ensure shoppers are always shown the most relevant ad, based on their onsite behaviour.

The scale of the approach and the technical skills required – from onsite tracking to technical set-up and creative banner coding – meant multi-channel collaboration across the Croud teams.

The Croud difference

The first step was a full Floodlight tracking audit on Avon, in order to ensure all data points were being tracked and reported correctly. With the foundations in place, Avon and Croud then identified the six core product categories to be targeted through the dynamic remarketing strategy; namely make-up, fragrance, toiletries, skincare, hair care and home and gifts.

Leveraging custom segmentations, each product in Avon’s product feed was then categorised into one of these areas, and dynamic templates were created to showcase featured products in each category. Croud’s in-house creatives combined striking imagery with fluid animation for each ad format, ensuring both a memorable brand experience and laser-targeted relevancy. Each creative banner was coded by Croud’s creative developers and connected to the product feed via the Google Studio platform.

Croud’s Programmatic experts then configured the Floodlight audiences and platform set-up to ensure they were capturing all users who visited the product pages. Croud’s overarching aim was to perfectly link the data, creative and media for every impression served.

The results

The banners were incorporated into Avon’s programmatic remarketing strategy, running alongside other client-made campaign assets in an even rotation for the first six weeks. Using audiences from the initial Floodlight audit and automated bidding strategies, we targeted users who were most likely to convert.

From the get-go, the strategy produced impressive results – outperforming existing remarketing activity in both conversion rate and average order value. As a result, dynamic product remarketing is now a key part of Avon’s digital strategies, helping to bring the personalised, immersive experience Avon’s customers expect of them online.


higher conversion rate


uplift in average order value

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