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Boosting organic traffic through a SEO and content refresh

Services: Content, SEO

Markets: Global

The challenge

Michael Page is a global leader in recruitment, operating across APAC, the UK and the Americas. With Covid-19 significantly impacting the recruitment landscape, Michael Page set the goal of returning to pre-pandemic levels of candidate applications. “The Great Resignation” saw a range of implications, from job availability to new salary expectations, as well as a greater need for career advice, interview tips and personal skills development. 

The challenge was to truly understand key behavioural shifts within the labor market through search insights. Croud’s content and SEO teams welcomed this challenge, as we saw an opportunity to capitalise on a growing number of career related searches and convert this to job prospects.

The Croud difference

Our main objective was to refresh Michael Page’s preexisting ‘Advice’ hub which struggled with duplicate content, search cannibalisation and underperforming rankings. Croud’s SEO and content teams worked to improve SEO performance by consolidating similar articles, optimising low ranking pages with high search opportunity and creating new content where gaps existed. 

Our Croudie network of 2,400+ global digital specialists allowed us to write new specialist grade pieces of content, while quickly analysing existing copy and determining levels of keyword overlap between pages.

Lastly, we used bespoke Croud tools to collate niche, long-tail keywords that would be difficult to uncover through traditional keyword research methods.

The results

Through this ‘Advice refresh,’ a total of 71 pages were optimised, over 40 pages were consolidated into 15 new pages, and 11 new pieces of content were written. This resulted in a 65% YoY increase in organic traffic to Michael Page’s ‘Advice Hub’, particularly in H2 where we saw exponential growth of almost 200% in December. These results far exceeded our initial goal of boosting organic traffic by 10%.

The success opened up more opportunities for Croud to work closely with Michael Page on subsidiaries such as Page Personnel and potentially other APAC websites.


increase YoY in ranking for more keywords

keywords ranking in the top three positions


increase in organic traffic to Michael Page’s ‘Advice’ hub

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