LinkedIn vs Facebook: Where should you spend your money?

Choosing whether you spend your advertising budget on Facebook and LinkedIn can be a difficult and time-consuming decision, particularly with updates continuing to emerge across both platforms. In this blog, we’ll delve into both platform’s capabilities to help you decide which best suits your unique advertising needs.


Both platforms offer a wide array of targeting options both at a personal-interest-based and professional-interest level.


Facebook has a wide selection of interests and behaviours you can use to better narrow your audience targeting. Additionally, the social media giant offers look-alike targeting, which in short allows you to take customer lists which Facebook will then use to match people profiles who have similar interests.

As a general rule, if you are an ecommerce brand selling products to customers, Facebook may be a better fit due to the diverse array of users on the platform, and the product orientated placements available.


LinkedIn’s equivalent to Facebook’s lookalike targeting is ‘Audience Expansion‘. This is widely believed to be a slightly less powerful version due to the lower quantity of users and data available on the platform. However, recently LinkedIn has also added the ability to create lookalike audiences directly from uploaded customer lists – just like Facebook.

Whilst Facebook has a wider audience pool, LinkedIn offers a more professional targeting base, especially as the platform houses users who are more interested in networking and career-related news and updated. To that end, LinkedIn profiles feature more detailed information about a user’s professional status as opposed to personal interests – which marketers can use to target people with higher salaries or companies of a certain size.

If you are an agency looking to boost brand awareness or offer B2B products or services

by Croud
1 January 1970



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