Croud wins big at the dotCOMM Awards 2022

We are thrilled to share that Croud has been named platinum winners in three categories at the dotCOMM Awards 2022.

The dotCOMM awards recognise excellence in web creativity and digital communication, and celebrates innovative work that is transforming the industry.

Croud was named the winner in the Digital Marketing Campaign category for our work with Skillshare, along with Avanti in the SEO Campaign category and Michael Page in the Content Strategy category.

Digital Marketing Campaign – Skillshare

Croud and Skillshare worked closely together on maximising paid search while maintaining a set level of efficiency, which was ultimately recognised in The Digital Marketing Campaign category. The team focused on utilising dynamic search ads, expanding match type and using portfolio bidding strategies to drive growth for the client. As a result, Croud and Skillshare were able to drive an increase in conversions and unique search terms. In addition to these exciting results, Croud uncovered valuable insights into how bidding algorithms can continuously improve with increased data.

SEO Campaign – Avanti West Coast

With the Coronavirus pandemic having a significant impact on the domestic travel sector in the UK, Croud helped Avanti boost their online visibility and share of voice to stay ahead of competitors. To optimise their website’s SEO, Croud focused on building out new content, improving Avanti’s organic rankings and identifying other areas in which Avanti could rival competitors. Through this strategy, Croud and Avanti were able to see impressive results that helped the client minimise revenue losses, demonstrating the power of a comprehensive, joined-up strategy, combined with the agility and scale afforded by the Croudie network model.

Content Strategy – Michael Page

Croud and Michael Page were named winners in the Content Strategy category for their work on a SEO and content refresh that drove organic traffic to the client’s website. To help address issues on Michael Page’s existing ‘Advice’ hub, Croud conducted a website refresh with the objective of improving SEO performance, optimising low ranking pages, consolidating pages with overlapping topics and creating new pieces of content. In doing so, Michael Page and Croud were able to see growth in organic traffic, increased page sessions and higher keyword rankings.

A huge congratulations to the teams involved, as well as to all the other winners of the dotCOMM awards 2022. To learn more about how Croud can deliver award-winning work for your business, get in touch with our team.

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