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The challenge

Magnet is a well-established kitchen design specialist in the UK, founded in 1918 and now boasting nearly 200 showrooms across the country. In response to changing consumer behaviors and a desire to provide a more seamless omni-channel experience, the brand sought a new digital marketing partner, and Croud was the perfect fit.

The kitchen design specialist had three key objectives. First, they wanted to enhance their digital presence by improving online visibility and customer engagement, making the journey from online to in-store as smooth as possible. Second, they needed a total data and analytics overhaul in order to connect and make sense of all marketing data, using advanced tools to generate insights for lead generation and conversion optimization. Third, they needed to drive in-store traffic, ultimately encouraging potential customers to book design appointments and visit showrooms.

Success would be measured primarily on improvements to the conversion rate, with the ultimate goal being to drive more design appointments. Croud recognized the need to demystify and harness marketing data to uncover valuable insights, ultimately leading to more effective marketing strategies.

The strategy

To meet Magnet’s objectives - enhancing their online presence, optimizing their data and analytics, and driving in-store traffic - Croud devised a multifaceted digital marketing strategy. 

Data-driven PPC optimization

Our specialist Analytics team carried out in-depth analysis to identify potential conversion blockers for Magnet. In doing so, they uncovered crucial insights around appointment availability and its impact on conversion rate. This enabled the PPC team to tailor their strategy accordingly, and optimize media spend in order to eliminate wasted ad spend and increase the probability of users booking appointments.

A highly targeted approach

Leveraging a mix of first-party and third-party data, we were able to gain a deeper understanding of Magnet’s target audience, and feed this into our audience targeting strategy. New insights prompted a shift in execution - namely, location based exclusions for stores with limited appointment availability. By introducing negative location targeting in Google Ads based on postcodes, we ensured PPC ads did not display in areas with limited appointment availability.

The results

Our strategy involved a data-driven transformation of Magnet’s marketing approach. By optimizing PPC campaigns and refining audience targeting, we achieved remarkable results - especially in the following two areas: 

Uplift in conversion rate

By implementing the strategy to bid for users when appointment slots were available in their preferred store, the efficiency of our PPC spend significantly improved. This considerable boost in conversion rate had a notable business impact as PPC is a key driver of leads for the business. This increased efficiency allowed us to reinvest the budget during peak periods.

Operational improvements

Beyond the direct metric of PPC conversion rate improvement, this campaign emphasized the critical importance of appointment availability. By increasing availability on certain days in certain showrooms, we saw an improvement in marketing conversion rates, as well as a positive impact on overall sales.

This approach not only increased the efficiency of ad spend but also revealed the critical role of appointment availability, prompting Magnet to make operational improvements. The case illustrates the power of data-driven decision-making in driving real business growth.

Adam Hart, Head of Digital Marketing at Magnet, said, "The approach introduced by Croud not only optimized our advertising spend but also led to operational improvements. Croud have really demonstrated the transformative power of data-driven marketing, which has paved the way for business growth and operational excellence.

"Our partnership has reshaped our marketing and customer experience strategies, marking a pivotal turning point in our journey to success." 


"Croud have really demonstrated the transformative power of data-driven marketing, which has paved the way for business growth and operational excellence."


Adam Hart

Head of Digital Marketing, Magnet