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Smart tools that solve challenges for our colleagues and clients.

Our automation team creates tools that drive real, better outcomes. These tools help us deliver tasks with increased speed, scale and accuracy. Giving our people more time to work on growing your business. 

Croud's unique model is powered by our proprietary platform, Croud Control, which is continually optimized by our in-house team of developers. Croud Control enables our teams – both in-house and in the Croudie network – to seamlessly manage complex client work from start to finish.

Alongside this, we deliver custom client solutions, and also have a suite of key tools that drive performance across digital marketing channels.

SEO.max- Impactful SEO Insights

SEO.max analyzes key ranking factors in your industry. These insights can be used to make data-driven SEO recommendations on how to reach consumers and elevate your online presence.

WhiteBox - Next-Level Google Analysis

Google’s AI marketing tools drive performance. But they don’t always help you understand the why behind these results. WhiteBox surfaces insights to help drive better decision-making. 

RankTracker - Intelligent SEO Data

With RankTracker, we can monitor ranking data at intervals as short as five minutes. This means we can keep track of breaking trends and optimize media in real time.

Unity - Bringing PPC & SEO together

Unity solves intricate search challenges by connecting PPC and SEO. By producing insights that emphasize sales and revenue over clicks, we can direct investment to effectively optimize search performance.

Shield - Protecting Your Performance

Shield protects from poor performance by catching common issues. Spikes or drops in traffic, spell-check errors and problems with brand or keyword visibility can all be identified and addressed quickly.

Voyager Forecasting

Voyager takes the complexity out of the SEO forecasting process whilst giving a watertight methodology - creating healthy performance scenarios for both improving keyword ranking positions, and improving conversion rate.

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