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Driving conversions and lower CPCs through broad match

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Increase in website traffic


Increase in conversions


Lower CPCs

The challenge

As the real estate sector was recovering from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, IWG faced hurdles in its growth plans due to external factors such as heightened competition and evolving dynamics in the workplace. Eager to attract more customers, the company aimed to enhance its keyword match type strategy to broad match, aiming to tap into additional traffic and boost conversions for its Search campaigns.

The strategy

Upon discovering the advantages of broad match, IWG thought it was an ideal chance to expand relevant reach within its ongoing campaigns. To capitalize on this opportunity, a testing framework was developed, incorporating diverse match type combinations, best practices, and clearly outlining success metrics such as cost per conversion (CPC), cost per acquisition (CPA), and conversion volumes. This thorough approach sought to establish a robust testing methodology.

Partnering with Google, we co-designed, executed, and reviewed the broad match experiment. 


The results

Following an eight-week testing period spanning two campaign tiers, broad match delivered strong results, with a 128% increase in website traffic and a 98% increase in conversions at 13% lower CPCs. Due to these favorable results, IWG decided to extend the application of broad match targeting to further campaigns and Google Ads accounts.

“Broad match played a key role in driving incremental traffic for IWG while gaining a new perspective on our target audience. This valuable data will help us make informed decisions about the direction and makeup of our accounts"

Paolo Broussard

Global Head of Demand Generation, IWG