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The challenge

A leading entertainment subscription business approached Croud to deliver international content at scale. Eager to tap into Croud’s global network of 2,400+ digital specialists, the brand partnered with Croud to supercharge their content strategy in order to expand their presence globally.

Their key objective was to drive organic growth through quality content across the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. So, Croud was tasked with supporting the client with market research and ultimately creating 1,400+ pieces of localized content over 16 months, based on country requirements, for the product, category, authors, series and blog pages.

The strategy

With the support of our Croudies, Croud’s US SEO Team developed a tailored content strategy that covered seven markets across nine different languages. The strategy consisted of three key elements:

  1. Market research and content ideation

We worked with Croudies to identify specific industry trends within each market, which were then used to propose unique, localized content ideas for the brand’s target audience. The team then refined these ideas into potential content titles and worked with the client to finetune. 

  1. Data-driven approach

We utilized first- and third-party data to decide which pages to prioritize in terms of optimization. This involved integrating multiple data points from Google Search Console, Semrush, SEOMonitor, and more. Following this, we analyzed search volume, keyword difficulty, search intent, ranking data, and competitor data, enabling us to identify which pages had the biggest potential to drive traffic.

  1. Organic content creation

In this stage, we briefed expert in-market copywriters on our network on the content they needed to write based on market research, data-driven insight, and further inspiration from the client. Through Croud Control, the team tasked Croudies with creating hyper-localized content across the nine languages.

The results

In total, Croud created and localized 2,051 pieces of content  (651 pieces of content over target) over 16 months, across product detail, category, author, series description and listicle pages, in seven markets and nine languages.

The overhaul of the client’s content globally means that, while also improving organic visibility across nine markets, it has also set the client up for long-term success, putting them in an even stronger position to drive international growth.

  • 2,051 pieces of content created and localized
  • 7 markets in which Croud drove organic growth for the client
  • 44.9k+ impressions on a single page created and implemented by Croud