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Digital PR.

Accelerated organic growth with campaigns that move the needle

Digital PR has never been more important, a well executed campaign that leads to high quality coverage and link acquisition from high DR sites can supercharge organic growth like very few other initiatives.

By creating bespoke ground up digital PR strategies, our team of experts (supported by our one of a kind Croudie network) is able to drive the metrics that really matter for your business. We own the entire process – from ideation, design, development and outreach – and we play nice with internal PR teams and stakeholders.

The results are campaigns, both large and small, that are ideas first and drive real tangible organic growth.

Our approach

With a real focus on quality and over 15 years of experience, our team is well placed to deliver organic growth through digital PR and link acquisition for clients in any industry. 

What makes us unique is our Croudie network, an extension of our in-house team, where we can pull the right experts for the job at the right time. It enables us to produce work at unprecedented scale all over the world. This streamlined approach also allows us to direct your budget where and when it’s needed at exactly the right time.

From travel outreach specialists in France, to fashion specialists in the UK, we’ve got it covered. All securely managed with one point of contact through our in-house team.

The Croud difference

Croud’s digital PR team is like no other, it comprises highly experienced and skilled in-house specialists supported with a network of Croudies each handpicked for their areas of expertise. It means that Croud is in the unique position of being the only agency where you can have access to experience from the leading minds in the industry, all with past experience from the leading agencies in the Digital PR space. 

Our proprietary technology, Croud Control also allows us to manage client projects with ease, understanding budget spends and briefing Croudies on tasks. The whole process is seamless, meaning more time for us to get under the skin of your business and create campaigns that work.

We’ve worked with some of the largest brands in the world, gaining high coverage in some of the leading online publications such as:

Our areas of expertise

Ideation (Idea creation)

Not just any idea works for Digital PR. We can craft the perfect angle that will make your campaign a success with online publications.

Data collation & validation

Data-led ideas are our speciality, we find stories where others fail to look. We also validate everything, from data (to make sure the story can be told) to journalists (making sure they think our idea is newsworthy).


Great stories are what we ideate and data mine for, but we also pair this with best in class design. Whether the final piece is static or interactive, it’ll be on brand and of the highest quality.


Hero pieces of content can add that extra something. We have a wealth of experience making sure your campaign is told in the most engaging way, with UI and storytelling at the heart.


Landing placements is vital, so we make sure we have a well-oiled approach that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to headline angles and tailoring our approach for multiple verticals to make sure we get the most from every campaign.

Consultancy & training

With years’ of experience we are able to offer training for in-house teams as well as consultancy. Whether it be learning how to ideate effectively, or being your extra layer of reassurance and QA, we can work flexibly in a way that suits you best.

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