Driving growth through generative AI: Cheat sheets for success



24th November 2023

~ 2 min read

Explore our three cheat sheets to kick-start your business growth with AI 

There are so many artificial intelligence (AI) tools out there that choosing which to use, and knowing how to harness these tools to their full potential can feel overwhelming. 

Croud's COO, Sophie Wooller, recently co-hosted a masterclass at this year's Web Summit on leveraging generative AI for business growth. In Sophie's sessions she shared insights and practical tips on the most useful AI tools including ChatGPT and Midjourney, how to use Google Ads as you scale, and 10 other gadgets to help elevate your business growth. 

From her session we've created three handy cheat sheets to help you on your AI journey! 

Generative AI tools list

The first is a list of useful generative AI tools, providing all you need to know to research and make an informed decision on which tools to use. This includes cost, what the tools are best for, some notes on what to keep in mind when using them, access links and alternate tools to try out.

ChatGPT prompts to get you started

There is a general sentiment that ChatGPT's output is only as good as the prompt you provide it with. The second sheet details the must-knows for providing ChatGPT with prompts which will result in successful answers. Whilst the AI tool can brush past some elements like small spelling errors, you need to ensure you're providing relevant context and remain aware that its information is limited to what it has accessible for training. That being said, click through below for ideal example prompts for producing press releases, email drafting, coding, creativity and more!

Midjourney pointers

The final cheat sheet gives useful pointers for Midjourney, a generative AI image creation program. This sheet has all the prompts, parameter definitions and advanced prompt tips you’ll need to create your own beautifully AI crafted images. (A prime example below, of Sophie's dog, Tali, generated into a superhero!)

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