Croud joins the IPA



26th March 2024

~ 2 min read

We’re pleased to announce that Croud has officially become a member of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA). This marks an important step in our journey as a business, highlighting our commitment to growth and excellence in the digital marketing space.

Joining the IPA opens up a wealth of opportunity for both our business and our talented team. At Croud, we've always believed in pushing boundaries and embracing innovation, and becoming IPA members perfectly aligns with this.

As our UK CEO, Jon King, puts it, “Joining the IPA marks a significant milestone in our journey. We’re excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals who share our passion for driving positive change in the industry.”

Being part of the IPA grants Croud’s teams access to a range of resources, thought leadership and events - support that will undoubtedly enrich our strategic approach and drive continuous improvement across our operations.

Of particular importance to us is the IPA's focus on effectiveness. Effectiveness is ingrained in Croud's DNA, stemming from our performance heritage. We’re particularly excited about using IPA resources - spanning everything from awards to events to qualifications - to build on our effectiveness culture.

IPA membership will also be invaluable in upskilling our teams, allowing them to tap into CPD-accredited training courses, conferences and more. From awards to qualifications to accreditation, we’re eager to embrace all the opportunities the IPA offers - highlighting our dedication to delivering measurable results and driving meaningful impact for both our people and our clients.

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