A guide to Search Ads 360



1st July 2024

~ 2 min read

Maximize your capabilities on Google's SA360

As one of the most used search engine management platforms in the world, Search Ads 360 (SA360) enables advertisers and agencies to manage large scale, multi-channel search marketing campaigns. Using ad tech solutions such as SA360 to accurately report online activities is becoming even more essential for digital marketers, as privacy regulations become increasingly prevalent. 

In this guide, we explore how to leverage key features of SA360 to overcome search marketing challenges, while gaining insights, driving productivity, and improving your paid search efforts.

Download Croud's guide to:

  • Understand how SA360 can help you manage your brand campaign
  • Learn techniques to get the most out of your search campaign 
  • Discover essential elements to get started with SA360
  • Explore Croud's expert support and training 

In our new report in collaboration with Raconteur, we share actionable insights CMOs can use to build a strong case to take to their CFOs when requesting more marketing budget. 

We explore how CMOs can overcome these barriers by:

  • Focusing on key financial metrics: Leverage the 'big six' KPIs that focus on actual business impact so you can exactly quantify the ROI of individual marketing campaigns to your CFO.
  • Proving marketing's incremental impact: Show CFOs which promotional activities drive customer acquisition so they see marketing as a driver of revenue growth and not as just an expense.
  • Demonstrating long-term brand value: Illustrate how failing to consistently invest in brand marketing leads to immediate and long-term drops in client awareness and sales.
  • Deploying AI for better results: Highlight how AI tools can improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness with content creation, ad performance and audience insight tools.
  • Exploiting new digital opportunities: Outline strategies that address how your company will compete effectively in a cookieless world across fragmented digital channels.

Someone once said that accountants know the price of everything but the value of nothing. That doesn’t have to be the case.

Download our report, featuring insights from marketing leaders at Specsavers, Compare the Market, and Volkswagen, to learn how to turn your CFO into your strongest ally in driving business growth. 

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