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Croud is a longstanding sponsor and supporter of BrightonSEO. On this page you can discover all of the slides and materials from our previous talks at BrightonSEO.

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San Diego, November 2023: Skyla Li - Scaling a global content engine

In her session at BrightonSEO's inaugural US event, Skyla took the audience into the world of scaling global content, sharing insight on how marketers can implement this into their own SEO and content strategies.

Drawing from her extensive experience overseeing the creation of 10,000 pieces of content across 9 different markets in 11 languages, she shared best practices and lessons learned from this process.

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Brighton, September 2023: Meg Green - Intent is king

Meg's talk - 'Intent is king: creating content for the new-age SERP' - saw her drill down into the importance of intent-driven search data to understand exactly what kind of content our consumers would like to be served online.

With the ever-changing SERP landscape becoming more and more dynamic, it's essential for digital marketeers to evolve with these changes, in order to drive performance, and Meg illustrates how to do just that.

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Brighton, April 2023: James Ball - ChatGPT-4: Localisation friend or foe?

In his talk at BrightonSEO, James Ball from Croud's Content team explored how effective ChatGPT-4 is in localising content, unveiling the results of an in-depth study carried out by Croud.

He took the audience through the findings of the study, which was based on both an editorial test, where we pitched human translators against ChatGPT-4, and a consumer research study of 2,500 people in five markets, to explore their perspectives on AI-generated content.

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