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Diversity & Inclusion at Croud.

Fostering a culture that creates a sense of belonging for all

At Croud, we strive to build a collaborative culture that proactively promotes diversity and inclusion, and celebrates the unique communities that make up our business. To that end, in 2023 we have relaunched Croud’s diversity and inclusion initiatives as Croud Inclusion, with a refreshed mission driven by executives and employees.

Our people are our most valuable asset, and ensuring their mental, physical and emotional safety is greatly important to us. We are committed to to our employees, clients, prospective candidates, and other key stakeholders to foster a culture that creates a sense of belonging for all, and the steps we will take to achieve this. As we enter this next chapter of growth, we pledge to continue hearing and validating the voices of our employees who make up our incredible Croud family.

A diverse & inclusive culture

Culture is everything at Croud, as is our employees’ sense of belonging. Our focus is to ensure that our business remains an organization in which individuals feel they belong and are part of. We are not all the same! So, we strive to acknowledge, respect, encourage, celebrate, educate and promote differences in every facet of our business. 

We commit to championing and cultivating a diverse and inclusive culture centered on belonging and creating a community for all Croud employees, Croudies and stakeholders, irrespective of gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, religion, sex, age or marital status.

How we strive to do this


To guarantee and maintain diversity. Therefore we will deliver cultural awareness and unconscious bias training for all Croud employees and associates.


Personal growth is paramount. So, we will offer a custom talent development framework and ongoing support during your journey at Croud.


We will look to consistently track, monitor and evaluate our leadership demographic to ensure the presence of diverse leadership teams.



We will ensure that our recruitment and promotion processes allow for a fair, transparent and consistent process for all.


We will consistently monitor and review all our compensation offerings to ensure fair and transparent remuneration across our organization.

Meet the D&I SteerCo

Meet the faces behind Croud’s Diversity and Inclusion steering committee. They assist in the ongoing development of our diversity and inclusion strategy.

Croud’s diversity report

Croud’s inaugural diversity report examines and explores the representation of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, education, age, religion, disability and employment status, whilst also looking at our employees’ current sense of belonging and feelings of inclusivity. This report focuses on the global business landscape, with an illustrative view by geography, highlighting our key achievements to date, as well as outlining our main initiatives and commitments for the coming years.

View our 2023 diversity report here.

Our partners

Croud’s 2023 D&I calendar

At Croud, culture and community is everything to us, and we always aim to put diversity and inclusion at the forefront of how we approach our employees, partners, clients, and friends and family of the business. Download Croud’s 2023 D&I calendar for upcoming dates that are being celebrated all around the world.

If we’ve missed any key dates, holidays, or celebrations, please get in touch with [email protected].

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