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Royal British Legion

Mobile experience and CRO improvements for the Poppy Shop.

Organic Performance

The challenge


increase in e-commerce conversion rate


reduction in bounce rate


increase in revenue per session

The Royal British Legion supports its charitable fundraising efforts through an e-commerce website - Poppy Shop. Optimising the user experience on this website, particularly on Mobile where the products available are promoted through paid and organic marketing activity, is of vital importance to turn these visitors into customers. Every purchase raises funds for the work  the Royal British Legion does. The Croud model, along with being GMP Mobile Experience certified, allowed us to scale rapidly to ensure the Poppy Shop website was performing as well as it could through the huge peak in traffic they see around the Remembrance period.

The strategy

As part of the CRO programme of optimisations across the Poppy Shop website, Croud ran a series of our Mobile UX audits and sought user feedback on the current experience and how it could be improved. For the Mobile homepage, this provided a list of 14 issues we could improve upon. We used Google Analytics to check the viability of testing these iteratively, and as the website typically does not have enough traffic outside of its peak period to support getting significant results on smaller iterative changes, we instead combined the feedback to create a full new page design which resolved all of the issues. We then built this page in Google Optimize and A/B tested it against the current mobile homepage. This was to ensure that our changes would result in an uplift in their e-commerce CvR, ahead of rolling it out to their peak traffic.

The results

Within six days, our page showed a statistically significant uplift on page performance; reducing the bounce rate on landing and increasing e-commerce conversion rate by 7.4% for mobile homepage traffic. We rolled our redesigned page out to 100% of eligible traffic and this led to the Poppy Shop site overall generating 4.9% additional revenue during its peak Remembrance week. 

Off the back of this A/B testing, Croud are supporting the site development team to build the page and make it a permanent change to the site. We are also designing a desktop homepage based on the learnings from this test which will further optimise the homepage landing experience across all device types.


“At The Royal British Legion our peak period is vital to boost our Poppy Shop sales and support the work we do. Croud’s GMP credentials and dedication have proved invaluable in maximising our site’s potential through our peak period. We’re excited to continue our work with Croud in the ongoing optimisation of our site and seeing the results continue to roll in. ”

Lee McEneaney

Retail Ecommerce Manager, The Royal British Legion