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In-house solutions.

Drive digital transformation & deliver world-class digital marketing in-house

In:Croud was established to meet the needs of in-house marketers with a unique agency solution. We help brands build on existing in-house capability or transition to an in-house solution, and provide ongoing support to drive innovation and maintain competitiveness.

Wherever you are on the roadmap to in-housing your digital marketing, our expert consultants and digital marketing specialists will work seamlessly alongside your in-house teams to help you deliver world-class digital marketing operations. Whether it’s guiding through the process of in-housing your digital marketing, designing more efficient briefing processes, delivering digital training, providing short-term resource cover, or auditing your digital marketing performance, In:Croud provides flexible solutions to solve these challenges. 

Our areas of expertise

Digital marketing in-housing

Our dedicated experts will guide you through your journey to in-housing digital media, from initial planning through to the operational delivery.  Our proven processes and frameworks de-risk your journey and quickly unlock the business benefits of your change programme.

Technology & data ownership

From Google Marketing Platform to Salesforce and Datorama, our expert technology specialists will help you select and leverage the latest third-party marketing technology platforms, whilst giving you better control over your data to inform effective strategies.

On-demand digital experts

Get access to Croud’s network of 2,400+ digital marketing specialists spanning across 118 markets and 86 languages globally.  With our flexible solutions, you can scale support up and down, from a one-off brief right through to full-time recruitment cover.

Digital training & assurance

In-housing is only the start of the journey; long-term competitive advantage comes from maintaining expertise, best practices and innovation. Our digital experts can identify areas of improvement, develop testing programmes and provide training to upskill your teams.

Our approach

In-housing digital media

Whether you are in-housing your entire media operation or a single channel, we can support you in identifying the technology, processes and appropriate resources to deliver an effective in-house operation. We have a dedicated team of in-housing consultants who will work with our channel experts to identify and deliver the model that works best for your business.

Enhancing and scaling in-house operations

In-house marketers need a flexible agency partner who can explain the “why” and not just the “what” of modern best practices. With flexible packages covering a range of services from strategic consultancy through to hands-on delivery, training and innovation, we work with in-house teams to realise their growth ambitions.

in-housing solutions

How ready are you to in-house your digital media?

Interested in in-housing part of your digital media but don’t know where to start? Croud has developed a 12-question In-housing Readiness Checker, which will help you get a better understanding of what’s next.

Frequently asked questions

What is digital in-housing?

Put simply, digital in-housing is the process of moving the delivery of digital marketing activities (e.g. paid social advertising) from a third party (e.g. an agency) back to the brand that is advertising. We recently published a report revealing that nearly half (49%) of UK marketers plan to move more of their digital marketing in-house in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we think that in-housing will remain a focus topic for the industry. At Croud we are committed to developing the services and models to support our clients as their business models evolve.

What are the benefits of in-housing your digital media?

The main benefits of in-housing your digital media are greater control and transparency, increased agility (e.g. quicker turnaround times) and a stronger alignment between the business/product and marketing. In-housing gives you the opportunity to get closer to the data and think differently about how you derive insights that will drive strategic initiatives or short-term performance. Most in-housing initiatives will also deliver cost savings but we recommend that these are seen as one of a range of benefits rather than the sole objective.

What are the key challenges faced when in-housing your digital media?

Delivering any change programme can be difficult. However, aside from “project” challenges, the biggest challenge we usually observe is getting broader business buy-in. In-housing your digital media requires multiple stakeholders to come together – HR to help recruit, IT to help integrate new tool instances and implement tags, facilities to find somewhere for your new team to sit, and finance to process payments to multiple marketing partners. Having broader business buy-in and support will help your marketing team deal with other challenges that could occur with resource or maintaining ongoing innovation.

Which channels should you consider in-housing first?

There is no standard answer to this question; it will depend on your business and the role that digital media plays in building your brand or driving your sales. There are a number of important factors; the scale of spend, business impact, ease of resourcing, the complexity of activation and your appetite for risk. We would always recommend completing a realistic capability and risk assessment and then building a business case to help identify where to start.

What are the main barriers to in-housing digital media?

Croud published a report at the end of 2020 exploring attitudes towards in-housing, based on exclusive research with marketers in the UK and US. One of the areas we looked at was barriers to in-housing, both perceived and actual. The most common answers related to resource – attracting, affording and integrating the right talent, getting a suitable structure in place and then managing the inevitable peaks and troughs of activity whilst maintaining a blend of relevant skill sets. We work with our clients to plot the critical path to go live so that this doesn’t become a showstopper and, where required, can provide flexible access to our network to provide ad hoc resource.

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