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Page speed optimisation.

Putting users first

As websites become more complex, alongside the ever increasing need to innovate and track user behaviour, so too does the challenge to provide an experience that’s fast, slick and seamless across every device type and connection.

We approach page speed by putting users and websites first for your brand. Getting page speed right sets the foundation for all your marketing efforts, and having a slow-loading site can have a negative impact for users, which is mirrored in search signals. With the introduction of Core Web Vitals, this is more important than ever.

The Croud difference

A highly-skilled team of web experience specialists

Croud’s team works tirelessly to provide top of the line support on your website’s user experience

Comprehensive report of findings and benchmarked metrics

From Core Web Vitals assessments to user experience, we examine your website to understand its architecture and behaviour

Thorough support for successful implementation

We build a roadmap that allows us to work directly with your developers to implement requirements and provide detailed testing

A holistic approach to user experience

The best support available using our proven techniques, multi-expertise Croudie Network and partnerships with major platforms

Tactical strategies to maximise your website

Combining performance budgeting with maximising user experience and utilising innovation to deliver new solutions

Our areas of expertise

Auditing & benchmarking

We audit and provide a comprehensive report of findings and benchmarked metrics including the Core Web Vitals assessment.

Performance budgeting

We work with you and your wider teams to define a set of performance budgets imposed on metrics that affect site performance.

User Experience & CRO

We have a dedicated team that can look beyond page speed and review the site from a user perspective.


We investigate and educate ourselves on the latest technologies. We have experience with Cloudflare Workers, PWAs, AMP and web workers, as well as supporting detached frameworks.

Implementation support

We will work directly with your development team to assist with the implementation of requirements; providing support, alternative solutions and thorough testing for successful implementation.

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