Finding work-life balance as a digital freelancer



15th September 2020

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The current digital landscape has significantly reduced the need for in-person contact, and remote working has now become a lifestyle that is undoubtedly more attainable than ever.

For most of us digital marketers, a proper laptop and good internet connection are really all we need to perform. This means increasingly fewer people need to physically be in an office setting to work, and instead, can opt to work in a way that’s better suited for them. In this article, Jiri Svoboda discusses how being a part of the Croudie Network allows him to reap the benefits of remote working, whilst maintaining his ideal work-life balance.

What’s it like to be a Croudie?

Working remotely and becoming your own boss requires a certain willingness to live outside of your comfort zone - but this may not be as daunting as you think it may be. Since joining the Croudie Network, Croud’s global network of 2,400+ digital experts, I’ve learned what it takes to successfully work remotely. With an abundance of opportunity working with graphic design, UX, copywriting and more, the Croudie Network provides members with tasks that will help build strong rapports and expand skillsets. Here are a few notable lessons I’ve learned since becoming a Croudie. 

Professional vs. personal life

If you have a traditional 9-5 job, you probably follow a fairly repetitive daily routine; starting and finishing at the same time and taking a break somewhere in between for lunch. Most of your time will be spent at the office, and then perhaps there’s some time for your personal life afterwards. 

Working remotely on the Croudie Network, however, has shown to be vastly different. Your work schedule is flexible and completely left in your hands which, has both its benefits and drawbacks. For example, there is no one to support you and ensure that you’re getting all of your work done in a timely manner, so it’s ultimately up to you to determine how you complete your tasks.

With the freedom of flexible hours, I am able to plan my days around my personal schedule. There’s never a need to push back my visit to the post office or reschedule my doctor appointments; I can simply find pockets of time throughout the day during which I can tend to my work-related responsibilities. As a full-time employee, you ten to plan your personal life around to your work schedule, but as a Croudie, you can plan your work schedule around to your personal life. 

It’s all about balance

One of the biggest challenges for many people who work remotely or are self-employed is the struggle of finding a healthy work-life balance. On some days, it’s so easy to feel lethargic and procrastinate on work, while on other days, you might find yourself working productively through long nights to manage your heavy workload. Neither of these scenarios sounds ideal, and it’s your responsibility to navigate through the challenges of working remotely. Time management playing a key role in this. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to this lifestyle, finding what worked for me was key to my success as a Croudie. 

Combating procrastination

Procrastination is something that can affect everyone, but more so those who have more flexibility in their work schedule. Personally, I find myself feeling the most productive and creative in the early morning and evening, so I dedicate these parts of the day towards working. On the other hand, I typically reserve the middle of the day to deal with my personal errands and other commitments - which might even be a lunchtime nap!

It's important to acknowledge that everyone works in different ways, so you need to figure out what works best for you. Whether this means working in intervals - like myself - or working on certain days of the week, through the Croudie Network, you have the full flexibility to cater to your productivity needs.

Managing your workload

Another challenge I’ve faced whilst being self-employed is maintaining a healthy influx of work. The great thing about being a member of the Croudie Network is that you have the opportunity to be an extended part of the Croud team, building a rapport with internal teams allows you to maintain a steady flow of work throughout the month. Additionally, you have the ability to reject tasks when your workload is high, meaning you're never in a position where you feel too stretched. 

Make yourself at home (wherever that may be)

I’ve adopted the idea that if you won’t come to the office, the office must come to you. One of the nicest things about being a remote worker is also being able to create your own office environment wherever you go. This means you can change up your work environment whenever you want, to wherever you want. If you ever get a little sick of working from home, you can take your laptop and sit in a café for a change. If you get tired of the long, dark European winter evenings, you can recharge your batteries by the sea in a warmer country without needing to ask anyone for approval. You have complete freedom to change up your ‘office’ scenery.

While some people enjoy working in an office setting, many others find comfort in working from home. Personally, I have found that sharing an office with other colleagues can be really distracting for me. Working remotely has made it easier for me to work productively, as there is no one around to interrupt me. Admittedly, I agree that it’s nice to be able to socialise with colleagues when working together in an office, but thanks to the Croudie Network, I feel like I’m still part of a close-knit community. Not only that, but there is also constant communication directly from the network team who are always on hand to answer any questions.

If you’re interested in joining a great global community of digital experts, find out more about the Croudie Network. 

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