Croud launches a guide to server-side tagging



28th June 2022

~ 2 min read

An overview

Croud has recently launched a server-side tagging whitepaper, exploring the key benefits, challenges and opportunities of this new way of effectively using Google Tag Manager (GTM).

With many industries facing new challenges due to the ongoing changes within the privacy landscape, advertisers must pivot their digital strategy to ensure that they are protecting user privacy, while complying with new data regulations. Whilst most advertisers across the industry are still relying on client-side tag management solutions, like GTM, brands should consider making the shift towards server-side tagging to future-proof their business strategy.

Server-side tagging is a more robust approach to first-party and third-party tracking that offers marketers more control over how user data is collected, modified and distributed across multiple endpoints. While implementing server-side tagging into your workflow may present some challenges, including cost and trust in data, advertisers will be able to reap the many benefits of this method, including reduced vulnerability of data collection, increased site speed, compliance with data regulations and more.

Download the guide

To learn more about the ins and outs of server-side tagging, download our report here, and if you’d like to speak with our data solutions team, get in touch here.

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