A playbook for machine-powered PPC



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Supercharge your paid media with AI and machine learning

In recent years automation on ad platforms like Google Ads has advanced rapidly, unlocking more data and new reach for our campaigns. Smart human intervention remains critical however, as the algorithm cannot yet process the unique situation of every brand and to ensure we get to the goal faster, mimimising wasted advertising budget in the process.

Our PPC experts work in harmony with Google’s AI features, and provide human guidance and intervention at the exact right moments.

In this playbook, we’ll be sharing how Croud teams have been using predictive AI and machine learning tactics in our advertising campaigns to give our clients the edge. 

Download Croud's guide to:

  • Understand how AI and machine learning are shaping the paid media landcape
  • Explore the key AI and machine learning features in Google Ads in use today
  • Learn best practice tips for successful machine-driven PPC campaigns

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