Driving lead generation for Regus through smart remarketing campaigns

Services:  Programmatic, Data science, Google Analytics 360

Markets: Global

The challenge

2021 marked six years of Croud’s partnership with IWG, whose brands include Regus, Spaces and Rovva. From starting out managing a handful of PPC accounts, Croud now runs global digital strategy and media management for many of IWG’s brands in over 100 markets. 

With a focus on the Regus brand of serviced offices, and keen to combat the inevitable impact of the pandemic, we wanted to focus more on maximising customer intent through remarketing campaigns. Regus’ vast global scale meant that Croud needed to deliver personalised creatives at scale. Croud’s programmatic team set out to develop a campaign to remarket to Regus’ most relevant audiences to ultimately drive lead generation.

The Croud difference

Croud’s programmatic team proposed to create a display ad strategy which used data to tailor creative assets for remarketing audiences. 

We laid the foundations by setting a cost-per-lead (CPL) target, and with the help of Croud’s data science team, aimed to leverage dynamic creative optimisation by creating a custom product feed to serve location-specific images to relevant users only. Croud’s programmatic team created a fully adaptable display ad that was custom designed with on-brand elements that stayed hyper-relevant to its audience.

The programmatic team’s use of custom audiences built in GA360 enabled us to track which audiences were engaging the most with the ads and therefore most likely to convert, allowing ongoing optimisations and easy scaling of the campaign across multiple locations.

The results

This campaign was such a success that it led to a win for Croud and Regus in the Programmatic Advertising category at the Performance Marketing World Awards. The results achieved were staggering, with CPL decreasing by -74%,  which was well below the target that was set. Not only that, but we saw a 55% increase in assisted leads, proving the value of our dynamic remarketing strategy. The initial campaign was such a success, that the approach was then rolled out to an additional 14 markets, with many more to follow.


reduction in CPL


increase in leads

additional markets launched

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