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Marketing in Japan.

A tailored digital strategy to help you grow your business in Japan

As the third-largest economy in the world, where over 92% of people have access to the Internet, Japan represents a huge potential opportunity for businesses – and with Japanese consumers spending more and more time online, digital marketing is more important than ever. Getting into the Japanese market can be challenging due to its unique culture, consumer behaviour and language. However, with the right partner to help you adapt to the Japanese market, the commercial opportunity is undeniable.

Our approach

At Croud, we tailor our approach to your business’ specific needs, from consultation to operation. We start out by gaining a thorough understanding of the aims of your digital marketing in Japan – whether you’re just about to launch into the market, or have been running activity for a number of years. With an understanding of your business objectives and challenges, we then carry out in-depth research, and provide tailored recommendations. We work closely with each client to create a strategic plan to achieve your goals.

The Croud difference

Croud’s experienced in-house team, supported by our global Croudie network, will set you up for success in the Japanese market. We provide full support in choosing which platforms to use to advertise your products or services most effectively. Our native Japanese team will help you establish your presence in Japan by defining and delivering a market-specific plan that aligns with your global strategy. As well as managing the intricacies of each platform in Japan, we provide regular reports on performance, along with detailed insights and recommendations on your next move.

Our areas of expertise

Google Ads

Tailor your Google Ads strategy specifically for Japan – our experts will help you optimise your campaigns – across search, display and video.

Yahoo! Japan

Optimise your presence on the second-largest search engine in Japan with our team’s expertise and on-the-ground Croudies.


Increase visibility and engagement on the most popular social media platform in Japan, enabling your business to tap into a huge number of users.


Unnatural translation can cost a brand more than a poor conversion rate. We can deliver a localised strategy, as well as localised content specifically for the Japanese market.

Account audit

Gain a thorough understanding of your current digital performance – we’ll conduct in-depth account audits and provide recommendations to help you achieve your goals.

Local SEO

Produce content that resonates with the local market – using our local knowledge and expertise, we provide content that will engage and convert your Japanese target audience

Our partners

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