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Baidu marketing.

Get the most out of Baidu with our bilingual, experienced team

As a digital marketer in Western society, it’s likely that you do your very best to track Google’s every move. While Google’s power remains in the rest of the world, if your company is currently operating in the Chinese market or plans to do so in the near future, it’s critical that you pay attention to Baidu.

Baidu search engines still dominate the market, with more than 65% of search volume. However, marketing in China can be really tricky due to regulatory and language barriers. Nevertheless, we are here to help.

Our approach


Working closely with Baidu, our in-house experts will analyse your current digital marketing footprint in China, then customise your marketing plan and strategy, selecting the most relevant Baidu channels and features for you.


Our experts will regularly optimise the accounts based on performance and market trends, keeping on top of the changes and challenges.


We conduct monthly and quarterly performance review meetings to realign the tactics with the campaign goals and overarching strategy.

The Croud difference

Along with our in-house bilingual professionals, our Croudie network allows us to have a huge Baidu marketing network across China. So no matter where your audience is, we can always get the most localised insights and feedback, helping you to gain an edge in a highly competitive market.

Plus we pride ourselves on transparency, and taking a data-driven approach, so you can easily see the metrics that matter to you. By adopting SA360 and Google Analytics for Baidu, we can provide you with the most comprehensive view of your digital activities including China.

Our areas of expertise

Baidu SEO

Improve your site’s performance with our teams’ locally relevant, keyword research-based content and technical recommendations.

Baidu pay-per-click

Quickly boost your return on Baidu PPC campaigns by working with our experts, who deliver customised Baidu search ad strategies.

Baidu in-feed ads

Reach your audience across multiple Baidu-owned advertising platforms, with carefully designed native news feed ads.

Localised creatives

Attract the most relevant audience, with authentic and eye-catching ads, produced by our bilingual in-house and local experts.

Baidu analytics

Get the insights and reports you need – we’ll align with your global analytics platform to help you get the most out of Baidu Analytics.

Data integration

Ensure your Baidu data is aligned and integrated with your global activities, with guidance and support on tracking and reporting.

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