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Many agencies treat performance and creative content as separate disciplines, specialising in one or the other. For some, performance advertising has a specific role to play in conversion, while creative efforts are an afterthought – but your customer doesn’t see it this way. In fact, they see every piece of content as a direct brand interaction, which is why we believe that your content should be both a high quality creative asset and viewed through a performance lens to make it a brand and audience success. At Croud, that’s exactly what we do.

The Croud difference

A diverse, passionate in-house team

Our creative team is composed of digital specialists from a wide range of industries, including PR, journalism, graphic design and video production.

Technical insights to power growth

We draw on CRO, data science, and machine learning insights to inform creative ideation, design high-performing content, and ensure all aspects of your branded content and advertising are optimised for your audience.

Innovative campaigns rooted in creativity

Our team will help you create branded content that is optimised to give your targt audience a unified creative experience, which will not only have them buying from you, but returning to your website and social channels to enjoy more from your brand. 

Access to a global network of digital specialists

Our global network of 2,400+ digital specialists offers 24/7/365 support, with expertise in everything from copywriting and video production to audio recording, motion design, and more.

See the results


Delivering flawless dynamic remarketing creatives to increase conversion rate by 10%


An award-winning campaign using 218 creative variants to drive results


Spooky audio ads for AMC Networks’ Shudder drive a 25% uplift in brand awareness

Our capabilities

Social media

We produce thumb-stopping social media campaigns that engage and convert on global social platforms.

Programmatic display

Impactful creatives on display are a guaranteed performance driver. From HTML5 to video to interactive, we can do it all.

Creative experience

CRO and machine learning combine to optimise the creative experience across your website and social platforms.

Audio ads

You heard it here first… We create memorable audio ads that reach the right audience across radio, programmatic and podcasts.

Branding and visual identity

From tone of voice to visual assets – we create a content strategy that truly reflects your brand

Asset creation

From full-scale interactive tools and games to high-quality video production, we ideate and produce creative assets to support any initiative.

Dynamic creatives

Leverage clever automation tools to deliver personalised ads at scale with our dynamic creative capabilities.

YouTube ads

Smart editing and engaging video content means you can take full advantage of the platform. Let us show you how.


Our experienced Amazon team can optimise your listings and build beautiful storefronts that will drive sales through the roof. 

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