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From best practice guides to market-specific calendars to help you plan your next campaign, to industry insights, this is where you’ll find the latest guides, reports and insights from the team at Croud.

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Holiday marketing guide: 2021

Key trends, insights and tips to driving more sales this holiday season

The state of online fashion in 2021

Explore shifting attitudes towards online fashion across the UK, US, Italy and Germany.

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Guide to LTV thumbnail

Guide to LTV

Shift towards a long-term, data-driven lifetime value model

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Excel to Datorama

Excel to Datorama cheat sheet

A handy guide for the Datorama equivalents of the top 50 most useful Excel formulas & functions

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GA4 into report

Introduction to Google Analytics 4

Explore the newest version of Google Analytics and its features

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Localisation guide website

Guide to localisation

Deliver localised content for your in-market and global audience

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Digital marketing glossary

View our A-Z guide of all the digital marketing terms you need to know

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Guide to social media as a global strategy

Drive international engagement through an integrated social media strategy

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6 digital tools for international expansion

A guide to six digital tools you need in your international marketing toolkit

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Japanese marketing calendar

Major shopping and other dates to accelerate your marketing strategies in Japan

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Guide to joining up on- and offline marketing

How to blur the lines between your on-and offline strategies and drive growth

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Guide to standardisation vs. adaptation

Adapt your paid search strategy to align with cultural dimensions across the globe

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Finance PPC

How to win with PPC in financial services

Key recommendations for success in the highly competitive world of financial PPC

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Report: The professional gig economy

The latest insights, trends and predictions for this evolving work model

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How to optimise for local search

Use the power of Google My Business to dominate local and organic rankings

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International marketing report

A guide to developing campaigns that truly resonate with your market audience

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Going global report

Advice and insights to help you gain a competitive edge across the globe

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Amazon advertising

Driving success on Amazon

Key insights to help you kickstart or accelerate your Amazon advertising strategy

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Chinese marketing calendar

Major shopping and other dates to accelerate your China marketing strategy

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International SEO

Croud’s guide to international SEO

Supercharge your global SEO strategy using our comprehensive guide.

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Your guide to Black Friday marketing

Optimise your Black Friday marketing strategy with this handy guide

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How to measure your content marketing success

Bridge the gap between measurement and strategy using these insightful tools

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Six WeChat metrics for brands

Learn the metrics and insights you can use to elevate your WeChat strategy

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