Valentine’s Day advertising: Top tips for retailers

Depending on your industry, as a business owner or marketer, the run-up to Valentine’s Day can be one of the busiest times of the year. For industries such as floristry, this period can generate almost 50% of annual sales, leading to plenty of sleepless nights!

With roughly a 7-day window resulting in 50% of your sales, which could make or break your year’s performance, it’s crucial you prepare and execute your marketing plan without a hitch.

So, what are Croud’s top tips?

Carefully segment your target audience and messaging

Search queries around Valentine’s Day gift ideas start around early January, so it’s vital that your marketing plan for the year starts from January and accounts for these early shoppers. This Valentine’s Day gift demand steadily grows over the six weeks prior to 14th February.

Carefully consider when and how you’ll target different audience segments in the run-up to Valentine’s Day. For example, there is a noticeable trend towards women planning ahead and searching for gift ideas in January, whilst male shoppers historically leave it later, with 20% still undecided in the final seven days before 14th February.

Don’t neglect mobile

Gaining a thorough understanding of the user’s journey and path to purchase will not only build the consumer/brand relationship throughout the Valentine’s period, but will also maximise your return on investment and enable you to understand where your marketing budget will be best used.

Regardless of mobile performance throughout the rest of the year, making sure you’re visible on mobile throughout the run-up to Valentine’s Day is fundamental for a successful campaign.

In addition, making sure your strong USPs, such as fast delivery or competitive price points, are shown when research starts to take place on a mobile is key to sow the seed with researchers. Ensure this is also the case for those those slightly less organised shoppers, as previous years have seen a 74% year-on-year uplift in last-minute mobile shoppers.

Understand where to invest your money

Although there will always be original and quirky purchasers, let’s face it – there isn’t much point in investing precious marketing budget advertising certain products over the romantic season. Bear this in mind in your annual marketing plans and allow certain products to take a back seat over the Valentine’s period and others to take the lead, and vice-versa after 14th February.

Maximise return on investment by targeting strong-performing product categories, such as flowers, jewellery, chocolate, and clothing, and allow such products as kitchen appliances to take a back seat!

Keep it fun and unique

Although the Valentine’s season is extremely competitive, don’t forget to keep it unique and different! Don’t be afraid to set the trend, with such initiatives as:

  • Starting a Valentine’s hashtag to attract online audiences
  • Organising a social media contest
  • Sharing unique ideas to make the day special for your followers

And our most important tip…

***drum roll please****

Don’t be so wrapped up in your marketing plan that you forget your own valentine!

If you’d like to find out more about how Croud helps retailers with their digital marketing activity – during the Valentine’s period or any other time of the year, don’t hesitate to contact us.

by Victoria Cooper-Samios
29 January 2018



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