Top 20 places to work and travel as a digital nomad

The Croudie Network boasts many a digital and creative specialist, based across all continents. But many Croudies are location-independent, travelling and exploring as they work.

We all dream and stare out of the window, thinking about when we’ll be boarding that next flight – whether it’s a £9.99 Ryanair flight to Cork at 4am; a gap year in south-east Asia, or a weekend away in the sunshine. But we all know that these trips we plan and dream about require cash.

Croud’s network of on-demand digital experts, known as Croudies, have the flexibility to work when and as much or as little as they want to. Croudies dictate their hours and when and where they work. Our objective is to ensure the client deadline is always met, and the quality of work meets Croud’s high standards. Croudies have ongoing support via our bespoke learning platform, known as Croud Academy, as well as our in-house teams and dedicated Network Team.

They also keep their finger on the pulse of the industry with our fortnightly Digital Digest and monthly Croud Pleaser newsletters. Plus we run a number of initiatives throughout the year for Croudies to get involved in, including webinars with Croud’s co-founders, and in-person events.

Working on the Croudie Network gives digital experts the opportunity to earn, learn and explore. In a new study conducted by the Network Team at Croud, we list and rank the best cities for Croudies to explore whilst keeping their finger on the pulse and earning on the Croudie Network!

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