The state of online fashion in 2021

Croud has launched an international research report, which explores what matters to online fashion shoppers in the UK, US, Germany and Italy, including what shapes their online shopping journey, their receptiveness to social commerce, and the role of Amazon in fashion purchases across markets.

More and more customers are shopping online

Covid-19 has accelerated the global shift to online shopping. Amid lockdowns and social distancing, consumers have been forced to make their purchases online, and the trend is, seemingly, here to stay. According to Croud’s survey of over 1,000 shoppers across the globe, 59.6% of shoppers expect to purchase clothing online more in the next six months, particularly in the US (65%). But how do retailers drive sales, stay relevant and compete with big brands?

The state of online fashion in 2021

Croud’s research report unpicks results from our exclusive survey of 1,054 shoppers in the UK, US, Germany and Italy to explore shifting attitudes towards fashion and how this is reflected in online purchase behaviours.

Download the report here to:

  • Discover what motivates and deters shoppers to purchase clothing and footwear online – from discounts to sustainability
  • Understand how shoppers across the UK, US, Germany and Italy go about their online fashion shopping journeys – from product/brand discovery to research and purchase
  • Explore the potential of augmented and virtual reality in the fashion ecommerce sector
  • Understand the potential for social commerce across different markets – and possible barriers which brands might need to overcome
  • Find out what drives consumers to buy on Amazon, and its role in online fashion shopping across different markets and demographics

You can access Croud’s report online here, and to find out more about Croud’s services and how we can help you drive international growth, get in touch.

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