The content wrap-up: social campaign edition

Each fortnight, Croud Australia’s content team will round-up notable and #iconic content from around the web, and provide insight as to why these pieces are worth sharing. 

This week, we’ve hit the feeds and scrolled through timelines to compile a list of admirable social campaigns with our key takeaways to help you nail your social content strategy.

Airbnb’s #LiveThere Campaign

We all know them; we all love them. Airbnb has a business model that other businesses have been trying to replicate since they first launched in 2008. Since the beginning, they’ve showcased their talent for marketing with many memorable campaigns, including their largest brand campaign to date – #LiveThere

Airbnb has sold themselves as an experience, luring you in with the idea of being a local while you’re on holiday. Who wouldn’t want to rock up to Paris, go straight to their home in the city, and feel like they live there? The alternative is what we’ve all done before – getting a taxi to a hotel like every other tourist – and we can’t say it’s as exciting.

This campaign was rooted in video content and paid social promotions of images that gave context to the listings you see on their site. Airbnb showcased the platform as more than just an accommodation by overlaying images of everyday people enjoying living like a local. They showed the world that they provide end-to-end experiences and that you should be a part of it.

Key takeaways: When it comes down to it, every business needs a unique selling point. Whether this is filling a gap that you never knew existed in the market or giving back to the world in some way with every purchase, identify what makes you different and put a spotlight on it!

Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga, an American-based athletic apparel company, absolutely nails their social media marketing strategies through hyper-tailored customer experiences. Using a micro-tribal marketing approach, they create a sense of community among their audience.

Along with encouraging user-generated content across social, the brand offers complimentary content that extends beyond their products. Utilising their YouTube channel along with Alo Moves, their subscription-based workout service, Alo is able to enhance user experience and engagement, creating a valuable connection with their consumers. 

We commend Alo on creating content for users at every stage of the funnel as well as their approach to content creation in general – just look at that eye-catching Instagram video ad!

Key takeaways: Content should always give value to the consumer. Messaging that is consistently “buy, buy, buy!” isn’t going to do much for your long-term customer loyalty. Aim to provide content for customers at all stages of the funnel. 

Calm App

Self-proclaimed ‘most relaxing app in the world’, Calm is one of those unicorn startups that you’ve probably heard about – or you’re like me, and thought you’d check out the free seven-day trial, but then forgot to cancel on the last day, only to be charged and left with the app permanently. Whoops. 

The subscription-based mediation app has a variety of features like relaxing playlists, sleep stories and guided meditations. They use Facebook as their primary channel for user acquisition, allowing them to follow users with ads through their customer journey. 

Some of their ads feature videos depicting relatable real-life experiences that might bring you to the app, while other ads feature a sneak peek into their soothing bedtime stories. As you can see in the example below, the videos feature movement and clips with calming effects on the mind. This is a great tactic, letting their customers have a taste of what the app offers whilst also standing out from the crowd of content on a user’s newsfeed.

Key takeaways: Create social content that gets users’ attention! Be relatable, interesting or even a bit weird! Standing out is a good thing, especially when it comes to oversaturated social news feeds and timelines.

That’s a wrap!

Before you go, remember our key takeaways from this wrap-up to help you boost your traffic, improve brand awareness, engage with your audience, increase your conversions or meet any other business objectives you’ve set.

  1. Make sure you identify what makes you stand out from the crowd and use it to your advantage. It’s more than okay to be different – in fact, it’s rewarded!
  2. Your content should provide the user with some sort of value. Aim to provide content for customers at all stages of the funnel.  
  3. Grab your audiences’ attention through your social content. Be relatable, funny, or even weird – but stick to who you are as a brand! 

If you have a piece of content you’d like to share with us, send it through and we’d love to take a look. Alternatively, if you need assistance creating aspirational content as seen in the examples above, we’d love to help! Get in touch.

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