The content wrap-up: health and wellness edition

Each fortnight, Croud Australia’s content team will round-up notable and #iconic content from around the web, and provide insight as to why these pieces are worth sharing. 

In this week’s edition of The content wrap-up, we’re giving you just what the doctor ordered – your daily dose of aspirational content! We’ve selected content pieces from within the health & wellness sphere, and will review the reasons behind our selection as well as key takeaways that you can implement within your own content strategy.


Since when did supplement companies become as personalised as your Instagram explore page? Rather than giving you cat videos and process videos, Vitable is serving us personalised vitamins on a silver platter. We’re not sure if it’s the interactive quiz to determine your vitamin plan or the packaging that your daily dose comes in that we love more. Probably the packaging – it’s even labelled with your name.

When it comes to creating your plan, Vitable has made it as easy as possible for customers, separating their initial survey into four main parts: basics, goals, diet and lifestyle. By answering the questions presented to you, each customer is given a unique recommended vitamin plan based on their health and wellness goals. 

Key takeaways: Above all, remember when it comes to personalisation and interactive content, your customers want to have a bit of fun with it! Vitamins are all well and good, but what sets this business apart from the market is their attention to customer satisfaction and user experience.



Government funded app, Headspace, is a household name when it comes to youth mental health services in Australia. The work they do is incredibly important for the wellbeing of Australians, and by taking a look at their online presence, a large contributor of their success is the recognisable brand identity they’ve created for themselves. This consistency and quality of the content housed on their site has served as a bedrock for their company and has made it accessible for all users.

Across Headspace’s site, you’ll find an array of free articles, video content, and mental health resources, with bespoke graphic illustrations in their landing pages. Not only is this graphic style easy on the eye,  but visualisation is also a key technique when it comes to treating anxiety – meaning these entrancing videos are killing two birds with one stone.

Key takeaways: By producing quality content, Headspace increases the shareability of their videos and social posts, growing their brand awareness and incoming traffic. We’re a stickler for visuals here at Croud, and Headspace certainly gets it right!


This well-known chain of beauty stores has truly stepped it up when it comes to their online presence and interactive content collection. From the home page navigation bar, select ‘quizzes’ and you’ll be transported to a landing page full of custom quizzes and curated buying guides. 

Not only are these quizzes delightfully fun to take, but they also assist in the discovery of new beauty products available for purchase through Sephora’s eCommerce stores. Not only do these quizzes leave a lasting impression, but they also most likely turn users into customers by personalising their search. Because Sephora’s quizzes aim to solve a user’s beauty query by getting to know them a bit better, the user trusts the brand and isn’t feeling the pressure of being directly sold to. 

So if you’ve ever wondered what you need to get the best brows ever or what the best solution for your hair care struggles is, Sephora’s range of quizzes has you covered. 

Key takeaways: Solving a user’s problems through content is a great way to build trust and ensure buyer-confidence. Better yet, answer their questions whilst additionally giving them a solution and you’ll hit the converting-content sweet spot!

The Recreationalist

Outdoor Voices, the American athleisure brand, is without a doubt admirable when it comes to the way they present themselves online. From aesthetically pleasing landing pages, to fun and stylised social feeds – their brand identity is undoubtedly ‘on point.’ 

However, it’s not the main eCommerce site that shines for this wrap-up. Rather, we’d like to highlight their content hub, The Recreationalist. This hub consists of how-to guides, curated playlists, interviews, product features and more! The brand’s aesthetic and fun tone of voice continues throughout the content pieces, and the blog imagery features eye-catching and bespoke animations. 

It’s commendable that this site has such a wealth of content and can ultimately stand alone without the eCommerce site directly attached. Doing this allows the brand to further exude its identity and build more trust among customers, without directly reminding them of the brand-consumer relationship. 

Key takeaways: Authenticity is everything. By allowing your brand to be unique and showcasing that through your content, you’ll build trust with your audience. This can be done through design, tone of voice, content topics, etc! Get creative, but stick to your roots. Find more information on enhancing the aesthetics of your digital content here

That’s a wrap!

Before you go, remember our key takeaways from this wrap-up to help you boost your traffic, improve brand awareness, engage with your audience, increase your conversions or meet any other business objectives you’ve set.

  1. Make the customer the centre of your value proposition and they will come to you! Trust the power of your unique business because word of mouth travels far and wide.
  2. By taking into account the power of shareability, bespoke graphics can do more for your brand’s identity than any written paragraph. Of course, by working in your brand’s ethos with these assets, you’ll get the most out of your marketing spend!
  3. Solve a user’s problems through your content and they’ll return the favour through buyer trust and brand loyalty!
  4. Authenticity is everything – ‘nuff said.

If you have a piece of content you’d like to share with us, send it through and we’d love to take a look. Alternatively, if you need assistance creating aspirational content like seen in the examples above, get in touch. We’d love to help!

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