The content wrap-up: e-commerce edition

Each fortnight, Croud Australia’s content team will round-up notable and #iconic content from around the web, and provide insight as to why these pieces are worth sharing. 

As online shopping (and digital content) enthusiasts, this one was a no-brainer! This week we’ve compiled some of the most aspirational digital content from various e-commerce sites around the world. In addition, we’ve added a ‘Social summary’ section to showcase a few insta-worthy brands we just had to share!

Good Pair Days

Good Pair Days is one of those brands that if you look through their channels, site, social and email campaigns, they’re consistent across the board – their branding is GOALS. With a subscription-based business model, brands like Good Pair Days rely heavily on their branding and outreach initiatives to spread their brand’s message and in turn, bump up those sales. If you don’t have an alluring presence at every customer touchpoint, similar brands with similar product offerings can snatch up your customers in a flash.

For this wrap-up we not only want to direct heads to their online presence, but we also want to shine a light on the content they share through their email marketing campaigns, particularly their Weekly Wine Chats. This engaging weekly series is worth fussing about, with wine tips and tricks, industry insights, and a weekly recipe. It doesn’t stop there – the series even includes a joke of the week among a few other customer engagement segments like the best-rated bottle of the week and share of the week.

Newsletters like this that act as informative content hubs delivered straight to the inbox really get us going, especially when they’re also shared on Instagram Live and lead all traffic back to the blog.

Key takeaways: There is more than one way to format your email marketing, so don’t be afraid to stray from shopping cart follow-ups and general giveaway and discount emails. Give your customers useful content that they’ll want to sign up for and share with their friends. 


This sustainable fashion brand’s website is as clean-cut and chic as their signature staple garments. With the brand motto, ‘Radical transparency’, this brand ensures their mission is made clear throughout their content. 

For this example, we’d like to specifically highlight their ‘About Us’ landing page which is both visually pleasing and extremely informative. 

With various content mediums shown throughout the page, the Everlane story and mission are made extremely clear. This landing page alone features imagery, text, block quotes, photos and infographics, all which adhere to the brand guidelines and tone of voice used throughout the website. 

Key takeaways: Although content marketing through your blog posts is extremely important, don’t forget to pay attention to your primary landing pages! Even simple pages can make a huge impact on brand awareness and essentially, conversions. 


The American recreation and sporting goods corporation, REI, doesn’t skimp when it comes to good quality, informative content. Their blog, Co-op Journal, features blog posts, videos, podcasts, recipes, news, and more! However, the real highlight is their ‘Expert Advice’ section. 

Within this section, there is all the information you’d need to learn new skills, choose and maintain gear, and prep for your next adventure! Content is organised by activity, with articles broken down into buying guides, skills and checklists. Articles feature extremely helpful content with topics like, How to choose rock climbing shoes, How to choose car racks, and How to choose a backpacking stove

A real show-stopping feature of this content is the element of visible customer reviews within each blog tile. This adds a sense of credibility to the article and gives users confidence in the information they could receive from this content.

Key takeaways: The best content strategies are those that put the user first! By creating content that helps solve a customer’s question, you’re building a sense of trust and enhancing your overall brand awareness. In addition, this type of content makes you more likely to appear for Google Quick Answers and People Also Ask boxes. 


This American clothing and homeware brand has taken the guesswork out of shopping for furniture online. In normal non-pandemic circumstances, one looking for a new couch would simply go to the store to touch, feel and recline on whatever was available. However, with customers opting to shop online rather than in-store, Anthropologie knew they needed thorough guides and explainer content to showcase the details of their furniture range. 

The neatly organised Guides and Resources landing page holds a variety of guides for customers looking for the perfect new piece of furniture. With in-depth guides on leather, upholstery, furniture measuring and product care, Anthropologie puts customers at ease with their decision making. 

This content is not only useful, but it is also visually appealing as well as organised. The elements of text balanced by high-resolution visuals make these guides truly enjoyable. 

Key takeaways: When selling products online, think about what questions your customers might have about your products and develop your content strategy around answering those questions. In today’s virtual world, it’s extremely important to digitally showcase your retail brand as if the user won’t be able to visit your physical store. 

Social summary

During our research, we come across a few brands, here and there, that give us social envy. These usually stick out because of their general grid aesthetic, quality of bespoke imagery, content diversity, eye-catching colour schemes, seamless branding…and the list goes on. Here are a few that we loved when it came to online retail brands:

(Left side: By Humankind | Right side: Fluffe)

(Left side: Cascade Street Studios | Right side: Sometimes Always)

That’s a wrap!

Before you go, remember our key takeaways from this wrap-up to help you boost your traffic, improve brand awareness, engage with your audience, increase your conversions or meet any other business objectives you’ve set.

  1. Make your email marketing less ‘spam-y’ by creating useful content that users want to read! Don’t be afraid to stray from your usual abandoned cart and promotional emails. 
  2. Every bit of copy on your website matters! Ensure your landing pages accurately reflect your brand guidelines and utilise various mediums of content to make sure that your content is engaging. 
  3. Number one rule: put the user first! Solve a user’s problems through your content and they’ll return the favour through buyer trust and brand loyalty! Every stage of the funnel matters – and don’t you forget it. 
  4. Never underestimate the power of informative guides. When it comes to products, leave no element up to guessing. Ensure the consumer has all the information needed to make a decision, and more importantly – a purchase! 

If you have a piece of content you’d like to share with us, send it through and we’d love to take a look. Alternatively, if you need assistance creating aspirational content like seen in the examples above, get in touch! We’d love to help.

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