The benefits of being a digital marketing freelancer

Since joining the Croudie Network about a year ago, Julia, a digital marketing freelancer, has lended copywriting and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) support to our teams across various client accounts and has also become one of Croud’s network ambassadors.

Thanks to her expertise in multiple languages, she has worked on projects in German as well as Hungarian. Being a digital marketing freelancer has not only allowed her to reap the benefits of flexible remote working, but it has also offered her opportunities to gain work experience while expanding her portfolio.

What is it like being a Croudie?

A typical day since joining the Croudie Network

Whether it’s simply working from the comfort of your own home or going on a “workation” to a foreign country, freelancing and remote working have become more popular than ever before within the digital marketing industry. Being a Croudie allows me to leverage the benefits of being a digital nomad while developing myself professionally through projects and networking opportunities. I know it sounds too good to be true – but it’s not!

It was a sunny day here on the sandy beaches of Fuerteventura, and I had just come out of the water. I rested my surfboard next to the van and quickly began changing out of my wetsuit. As I was just about to pull my wetsuit off from around my ankles (which for me is the hardest part), I suddenly heard an email notification from my phone go off. “Maybe it’s a Croud task!” I thought to myself as I quickly scrambled for my phone.

Tasks assigned by Croud’s internal teams can be shared to a number of Croudies and are expected to be picked up by one of us on a first-come-first-serve basis (unless it’s a project specifically assigned to you). Hearing my phone make this “ping” sound always gets me excited for a potential new task from Croud – but unfortunately, in this case, I got a little too excited and stumbled as I reached for my phone still tangled up in my wetsuit. My friends made fun of me and laughed, but the good news is that I was right – it was in fact a Croud task. It read, “Blog Post Two x Waterproof Jackets & Chelsea Boots, due in two days”. I quickly accepted the task and gracefully continued changing out of my wetsuit. 

Delivering work through the Croudie Network

After accepting Croud’s task, I began organising my day. With this particular project, I had two days to complete the task, but I usually like getting to work as soon as possible so I have ample time to provide stellar work to the team. From there, I enjoy sitting down at a local cafe, connecting to the Wi-Fi and ordering a coffee before getting started – this is the typical work setting I create when working on these freelance projects.

Croudie stories Julia Horti

Now, it’s time to get started. I login to my Croudie account and check up on my tasks. Here I have a great overview of completed tasks and deadlines – everything is set up in one place so I don’t have to keep track of it myself. This is where I can check which tasks I have open and begin working on any of the projects assigned to me.

What are the benefits of being a digital marketing freelancer?

Growing my portfolio and learning new skills

One thing I really appreciate about Croud is their rich portfolio of clients. Imagine localising a blog post into German for one of the world’s leading outdoor wear brands one day, and then optimising ad copy for a world-renowned beauty brand the next. To me, it’s a real luxury to work on these world famous brands. Not only am I a huge fan of many of Croud’s clients, but I am also a customer, which allows me to relate to these brands and effectively create content to support Croud’s internal teams.

After recently updating my portfolio, I realised how much experience I’ve gained through the Croudie Network and the digital marketing freelance projects that they offer. Watching my portfolio grow is exciting, as is showcasing my expertise in Hungarian and German – being a polyglot is way more fun this way. 

Throughout this past year of working with Croud, I’ve noticed that there are some months with less tasks to be completed, as is the case with most jobs when you’re a digital marketing freelancer. While some may not enjoy this extra downtime, I think it’s nice to get some time off as it can be a good opportunity to work on personal development. Along with the opportunity to work on exciting projects, the Croudie Network also offers a rich variety of digital marketing courses that are periodically updated. I enjoy scrolling through these resources and selecting a course that could potentially expand my skillsets. Why not improve my SEO-skills while waiting for the next task? 

Working whenever, wherever

Working remotely is great and flexible working makes things even better. Lately, I have really enjoyed working from destinations where I can surf, and the flexibility that the Croudie Network provides allows me to do so. When assigned tasks from the internal team, I’m usually given a deadline of about two or three days (but this may vary depending on the extensiveness of the task). The tasks couldn’t be more straightforward and simple (i.e. two hour blog post due in two days). After receiving any necessary assets to work on the project, I have the freedom to complete the task at my own leisure – I can work whenever and wherever I want. 

Being a digital nomad allows me to organise my day and work when I feel especially inspired. Sometimes it may be more comfortable for me to begin tasks in the morning, while other times I may feel more inclined to work during late hours of the night – but none of this actually matters, as long as I submit my work on time. And after doing so, I’m already looking forward to the next task. 

Who knows where I’ll be when I’m working on my next digital marketing project for Croud? I could be anywhere in the world, whether it be my parents’ home in Austria or my grandma’s apartment in Budapest – the possibilities are endless!

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