Sponsored Display ads now available to Amazon sellers

September has come full of news and updates for Amazon advertisers. After launching Sponsored Brands Video in the UK and Germany, Amazon has further announced that Sponsored Display advertising campaigns (only available to vendors so far) are now also available for sellers registered in Amazon Brand Registry in the United States, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

Although this update has gone quite unnoticed, it is great news for Amazon Sellers who until now could only make use of the other two Amazon advertising formats; Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands. This article explores how this ad format works, where they appear, what the targeting capabilities and the benefits of using it. 

How do Sponsored Display ads work?

These ads allow Amazon advertisers to quickly create self-service display ads with a budget of any size. These ads work as a cost-per-click solution, same as the other two formats available on Amazon, Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands.

Amazon sponsored display ads

Where do they appear?

Sponsored Display ads can appear in three different placements on Amazon: product detail pages, customer reviews pages and shopping results on mobile and desktop. But also, this ad type can appear off Amazon.

Example of Sponsored Display in search results:

Amazong sponsored display ad

Example of Sponsored Display on product detail page:

Example of Sponsored Display on reviews page:

Targeting capabilities

Sponsored Display ads have many targeting options such as targeting based on views (only available in the US), interest, product and category targeting. 

At the moment, only product and category targeting are available for sellers. These targeting capabilities allow them to drive consideration reaching shoppers who are browsing certain products or categories showing their promoted products on the detail pages of similar or complementary products as well as showing their ads on relevant products category on Amazon. Sellers can also refine category selection based on price, reviews, rating, brand, Prime delivery eligibility, and other filters.

New features

In addition, Amazon has also announced important new features for product targeting Sponsored Display ads such as promoting one or several products in the same campaign, more flexible bidding options, access reporting through Advertising Console or API, new negative targeting capabilities, among others.

The benefits

Although some features of this advertising format vary depending on the region, it is great news that it is now also available to sellers rather than exclusively to vendors. This allows all advertisers to be able to drive consideration by reaching buyers who are browsing similar or complementary products to their own, as well as build awareness by showing their product in broad categories relevant to their products.

To find out more about integrating Sponsored Display ads into your Amazon advertising strategy, and how Croud can help, get in touch.

by Alex Tupiza Guamán
22 September 2020



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