Sponsored Brands Video launch in the UK & Europe

In September, Amazon is planning to roll out the Sponsored Brands Video feature in more marketplaces including the UK. While it’s currently only available in the US, this expansion is an exciting opportunity for Amazon advertisers in the UK and Europe, as we move towards Q4.

What are Sponsored Brands Videos?

Sponsored Brands Videos (SBVs) are a beta variant of Sponsored Brands Ads available to Amazon advertisers, which sit alongside the other Sponsored Brand formats – Product collection and Store spotlight:

The new video format auto-plays from within search results on Amazon on both mobile and desktop. It’s bought on a cost-per-click (CPC), keyword targeted basis and drives potential customers directly to your product pages:

Example Sponsored Brands Video Ad (bottom of page)

Why is this great news?

Firstly, we know that video is playing an increasingly important role in e-commerce. More than half of shoppers admit to watching product videos as part of the purchase decision process. 

Our clients have also seen really interesting results from this new ad format in the US. The Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) results vary a lot for different products and categories, but we have seen really strong click-through rates when compared to the other SBA formats. 

Naturally, some categories really lend themselves well to video, where it’s important to demonstrate brand story and experience or to show a product in action. Video could also be useful to demonstrate features, USPs and compatibility in a way that text and static images struggle to achieve.

Getting set up?

Setting up SBVs really couldn’t be simpler, providing you have some suitable brand assets – either purpose-built or those that can be easily adapted from other channels. Once you have those, the ads can be built and live in minutes using the usual Sponsored Brands creative builder.

SBVs are product-specific, unlike the other formats that can link to a combination of products and your Amazon Store. That means you’ll need to match your video assets carefully to the products you want to promote. The video auto-plays when it’s at least 50% visible on the screen and the sound is automatically muted, so it’s important to have on-screen subtitles that scale up and are easily readable on mobile. Amazon also offers some advice here on the technical specs for the video assets and a number of basic best practices for you to follow when trying this for the first time.

To take advantage of this format as we head towards the crucial Q4 shopping season, we’d strongly recommend getting your video assets lined up now. That way, you’ll be ready for the roll-out across European marketplaces ahead of other advertisers and will be able to enjoy the CPC benefits of getting there first.

To learn more about integrating SBVs into your digital marketing strategy, or to find out how Croud can help, get in touch.

by Andy Siviter
31 August 2020



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