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Twitter Reveals Hot Topics and Hashtags of 20111 min read

1 min read

Social media giants Twitter have revealed the most popular topics and hashtags of 2011.

The list reveals the keywords that rose the fastest in conversation over the course of the year, and the most used hashtags. (Hashtags are used in Twitter to add context to your posts. They can also be used to group together messages around certain topics.)

News of Mubarak’s resignation in Egypt, annoyingly-catchy Friday song singer Rebecca Black, and Charlie Sheen’s #tigerblood antics all topped the Year in Review lists.

Twitter said: “The top trends that emerged on Twitter in 2011 reflect the diverse things that matter to us in our daily lives.”

Here are some of the most interesting results, and you can find the full list by Twitter here.

Top Twitter Hashtags
1. #egypt
2. #tigerblood
3. #threewordstoliveby
4. #idontunderstandwhy
5. #japan

Top Twitter World News
1. Mubarak’s resignation
2. Raid on Osama bin Laden
3. Japanese earthquake and Fukushima nuclear disaster
4. Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords
5. Gaddafi’s death
6. Swine Flu outbreak

Top Twitter Actors
1. Charlie Sheen
2. Macaulay Culkin
3. Ryan Dunn
4. Ricky Gervais
5. Pete Postlethwaite

Top Twitter Music
1. Rebecca Black and Friday
2. Nate Dogg
4. Gerry Rafferty
5. Gil Scott-Heron

Top Twitter Tech
1. Mac App Store
2. Sony NGP
3. Guitar Hero
4. Mozilla Firefox
5. Duke Nukem Forever

Top Twitter Football
1. Wayne Rooney
2. Fernando Torres
3. Howard Webb
4. Wembley Stadium
5. Colo Colo