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Preparing and Uploading an Eye-Catching Twitter Header2 min read

2 min read

The appearance of your social media channels is just as vital as the content you post. Emma Stock explains how to use Twitter’s latest Header feature. 

It’s been well over a month since Twitter enabled its users to add a cover photo and it still surprises me when I click on a brand, especially a well-known brand that spends a lot money on marketing, and find they haven’t utilised this simple Twitter tool to show some personality.

Twitter header photos are a simple, effective way to portray visual personality and make your page appealing. Aesthetically it can give you the edge over a competitor’s site.

Here are some tips on how to prepare and upload an eye-catching header:

You’ll want to make sure you have your image sized properly before you upload it, because although Twitter does have a cropping screen, it’s a bit clumsy and not the easiest tool to use. We recommend using some online photo editing software like picmonkey.



Use the Create a Collage mode and select ‘choose a collage layout’. As you can see picmonkey provides the templates to produce Facebook and Pinter-Etsy covers as well. For Twitter you can use any one, it depends if you want more than one image like in the Today Show example below. Whatever you choose make sure you change the dimensions to 1256 x 600 pixels.

If you are only using one image you can delete the other collage boxes by clicking on the x in the corner.

Now time to upload your image(s)! Make sure they are big enough so they won’t pixelate and appear fuzzy. Pick something simple if you don’t think you’ll have a high enough resolution for the detailed image to appear clearly. Remember that your Twitter bio is going to go on top of your image, so nothing too light or it will be hard to read.

A good touch is to not overload it with your logo or brand material. Use this opportunity to show some personality or an image that sums up the voice of your brand.


Save your image and head over to your twitter profile to Settings and then Design and then go down to ‘Customize Your Own’. Here you can upload your header.

Unlike Facebook, there’s no announcement to all of your fans when you update your header photo. If you try an image that doesn’t look quite right, take the time to make adjustments or swap photos until you achieve the look you want.


Great Examples: