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Coming Soon: The Premiere of Twitter’s New Homepage3 min read

3 min read

Twitter Reveal

For all its popularity, Twitter can be a bit like a gym membership. You sign up with all the best of intentions, miss a few days – a few weeks, perhaps – then only rarely pay a visit after that.

There are also, of course, the dedicated gym bunnies who make it part of their routine, know the lingo and walk the walk.

Statistically, approximately 60 per cent of Twitter account holders around the globe hardly ever use the site, and just one in five account holders log in daily.Compared to the world’s biggest social media platform Facebook, those statistics are a drop in the pond to the 890 million daily active users or 1.39 billion monthly active users on Mr Zuckerberg’s creation. Within Australia’s Internet population, about 15 per cent of us use Twitter – a stark contrast to the overwhelming 95 per cent of Facebook users.

So, what can Twitter do to make itself a little more popular?

According to some juicy inside info revealed on Slate, the iconic social media platform may be about to unveil a brand new homepage.

Slate’s switched-on senior technology writer points out how Twitter’s homepage is currently something of a “dead end” if you’re not logged in – a sight some 500 million visitors see every month.

An overhaul is in the works that’s designed to show the less active users (and those who don’t even have an account) exactly what it is that makes Twitter fanatics come back day after day. For those that do use the site regularly, they know the attraction of receiving second-by-second updates on the latest news, trending topics, celebrity tweets, and what their friends are thinking.

Twitter is an Aladdin’s Cave of instant content, and the new design hopes to showcase this to the world, right on its homepage. The update comes with ‘instant timelines’, a feature that would help new users along by creating an automatic page of great content, without the usual process of ‘following’ dozens of people. The site also plans to help out newbies (and some veterans) by adding a descriptive feature to its trending lists, whereby each popular hashtag will come with a quick description of what it refers to.
new twitter homepage

Sound good? The image above is a preview of what the new homepage will look like. When you click on one of the topic groupings on the main page, the visitor will be taken to what their timeline could look like once it’s up and running, with examples from real-life accounts.

None of this is to say that Twitter isn’t currently popular. It’s a household name and a favourite amongst businesses and organisations. It is to say that Twitter has recognised its weaknesses and is making a concerted effort to improve usability. Even as one of the biggest social media names in the world, Twitter refuses to fly on autopilot by looking for opportunities to better itself – something some business (and many gyms) can learn from.

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