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Getting the more from Google+4 min read

4 min read

Now we already know the benefits a Google+ page provides for natural search results in Google search, so for that reason alone you should have a page for your business. But having a social media page and utilising a social media page are very different. A lot of the time people are unsure about what they should be doing on Google+ and what features are available.

Google+ Third Party Log ins:

Last week Google announced the next stage of development for its Google+ platform – third party sites Google+ Logins.

The new sign-in features will allow users to sign into web and mobile apps with their Google accounts and bring their Google+ profile info with them so they don’t have to create a new username and password – similar to Facebook connect.

But why? Besides targeting social activity, the biggest benefit is that social Sign-In helps make the overall experience seamless – no need to register or create an account. Android users also have a special privilege, which is the ability to push any mobile app version of a service directly to their Android phone when logging into a service using Google+.

There’s also a great opportunity to share and engage more (what social is all about right?). Google is also introducing new buttons on Google+ for what it calls “interactive sharing” , which includes sharing activity/items from apps. However this information will be selective, in perhaps a dig at Facebook, the official Google post states that it won’t: “spray ‘frictionless’ updates all over the stream.”

If more websites and apps pick up this Google+ login it will mean than Google+ will become more integrated and present in our online activity. That’s why now sounds like a great time to get on board and enhance your Google+ community.

+1 Buttons:



Google+ users can +1 (or in other words, endorse or ‘Like’) the updates a company publishes. Like with Facebook, your Google+ account will appear if you +1 something. So the next time your friends and contacts search on Google, they could see your +1.By +1 material you’ll be helping your contacts find the best stuff on the web and your engagement may even start a conversation.

Now what’s really cool is the share button next to the +1 button. Now unlike Facebook where your news feed can get pretty clogged with irrelevant material people have shared with you, Google+ let’s you filter who you share with by selecting which of your ‘circles’ you wish to share to.

How Google’s +1 Button Affects SEO

The +1 button has an indirect effect on your site’s search rank. This does not mean the more +1’s a link has, the higher rank it achieves in traditional search results. What it does mean is that Google takes into account a +1 vote from your google+ connections. Take this scenario:

A Google+ contact of yours +1’s a piece of content, which means they have endorsed or ‘Liked’ it. Now when you search for content that’s related to what they +1 originally, because you’re more likely to click on the same link your contact endorsed, your Google results may include snippets annotated with the names of connections who have +1’d the content. This is because  “social recommendations from a circle of friends are often even more convincing than expert reviews.”

How Google’s +1 Button Affects Paid Search

When  Google+ rolled out, Google launched a new ad extension called Social Extensions. Social Extensions enable you to connect your Google+ Page to your AdWords campaigns. This enables you to share +1’s from your G+ page with your ads, and vice versa.


This is great as social annotations bring relevance to advertisements. If your social connections show up within the ad itself (essentially giving their approval of a business), then it can make a bigger impact.

In addition you’re also taking up more screen real estate with the number of visual connections and the number of +1’s for business, which can all be a very powerful tool for advertisers. as it can increase the chances of a click-through. Google has stated that +1 annotations have yielded higher click-through during their testing.

So now hopefully you’re a bit more clued on up the impact of the +1 Button, go out there and start increasing your Google+ followers! In the next Google+ blog post we’ll discussing Google+ Hangouts and how you can use these for your business.