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Dragon’s Den Star Duncan Bannantyne Uses Twitter to Hunt Blackmailer1 min read

1 min read

Duncan Bannantyne is using Twitter to hunt a blackmailer that threatened his family through the social networking site.

The Dragon’s Den star was targetted after a user sent him a message on Twitter, claiming they were going to harm his 25 year-old daughter Hollie Bannantyne.

The messages read: “Duncan – Dear Dragon.

“My name is Yuri Vasilyev and I’m looking for a £35,000 investment to stop us hurting your Hollie Bannatyne. We will bring hurt and pain into your life.

“We are watching her. She is very attractive. Want photos? Tweet using the hashtag £4money to confirm payment will be made.”

Bannantyne, who is famous for his fiery temper, responded to the message by tweeting: “I offer £25,000 reward for the capture of the coward who calls himself @YuriVasilyev_ Double if his arms are broken first.”

Here at Croud, we think it is hard to tell whether the blackmailer was being serious. Did he expect the Scottish entrepreneur to pay up? With a new spam attack threatening Twitter every day, it can end up being hard to determine which are genuine. Also, did the user expect to get away with this behaviour? Internet hackners are more advanced than ever.

The father-of-six’s Twitter followers immediately set about trying to find the source of the threats, and who wouldn’t for a £25,000 reward! They managed to trace the user back to an internet cafe in Moscow.

Bannatyne later removed his tweets relating to the reward, instead offering £30,000 for information leading to their arrest.

We wonder whether any Twitter users will manage to trace the culprit, or whether Durham Police will get there first.