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Do you measure the results of your social media activity?1 min read

1 min read

Many UK companies are using social media as part of their marketing and PR strategies, but how many are tracking their success?

Return on Investment (ROI) in social media has been a big talking point over the past couple of years, and thanks to tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and Bit.Ly it is becoming a lot easier to prove what kind of impact this activity is happening.

Even if you are just using social media to increase brand awareness, or as a place to host all your pictures – it can be a time consuming activity. Therefore would you not like to know what kind of an impact it is having?

We encourage all of our clients at Croud to track their growth rate in social media, but we also think it is important to set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so that you can tick off your objectives and ensure that you are meeting your goals.

KPIs can be bespoke to any business, and their objectives. Simple KPIs can be anything from how many followers on Twitter you would like by a set time, how many blog comments you should be expecting to receive to how many people like your Facebook Page. More complex KPIs could be how many clicks through’s you receive from your tweets, where your external referrers on Facebook come from, to the demographic and locations of your Facebook Page audience.

We can help you set these KPIs, as well as ensuring you are meeting your target through your digital marketing strategy. Contact us for more details.

In the meantime (and I know we love our infographics) check out this infographic below from Elisa DBI. It was designed by Araceli Perez, a Consultant in their Barcelona office and translated by Ollie Cochrane.