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Digital Marketing 101 For Charities2 min read

2 min read

Online activism can harness thousands of people behind a cause in just minutes…

Many organisations are using Paid Search and Social Media strategies in exciting ways to help them achieve their goals. We’ve put together a few of our favourites showcasing how charities can use digital media to effectively generate brand awareness and action around their local and international initiatives.

Paid Search

The Google Grants scheme allows charities to display digital billboards across the internet for free, simply by using Google AdWords.  These online ads reach millions and drive more traffic to the site, as well as increasing a website’s organic search ranking.

UNICEF, Cancer Research UK and WaterAID are just a few of the biggest charities using Google Adwords to increase donations and volunteers (see images below).  However, with up to $40,000 free advertising spend on Google per month, there’s no reason why every charity can’t have an equally competitive online presence.

Social Media

Social Media aims to build and engage online communities in contrast to Paid Search, which is all about delivering conversions and generating revenue.  However, as digital commerce becomes a bigger player worldwide, an active Social Media presence is critical for all credible brands. Fortunately, charities are well-positioned to benefit from the online traffic and branding driven by these channels due to their emotionally-engaging objectives. See what WaterAid, Macmillan Cancer, Witness and UNICEF are doing to engage their online communities below:


Water AID is using Facebook to promote its “Big Dig” campaign:


Macmillan Cancer is using Twitter to fundraise and promote the “Coffee Morning” campaign:


YouTube is a great way for charities to communicate their message to a younger audience who may not visit their website. For example, WITNESS has created a branded YouTube channel, which has proven hugely successful resulting in millions of views and thousands of subscribers.


UNICEF recently used Google+ Hangouts to connect activists, bloggers, and students on important issues affecting the Democratic Republic of Congo. With Google+, UNICEF welcomed its entire community into the conversation, empowering them to speak directly with the organisation and have their opinions heard.


SEO & Analytics

SEO and Analytics are also key considerations for any effective digital marketing strategy. SEO enables charities to rank higher in the organic results for relevant search terms, helping them to increase their online credibility and likelihood of being found.

An Analytics account allows charities to analyse their web traffic and optimise accordingly. This data is useful for making effective, informed optimisations to Social Media, Paid Search and/or website strategies.

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